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Smartphones and mobile devices are quickly becoming more and more entwined with our lives. Whether it be for work or for play, mobile devices know more about us and have led to a greater level of us depending on those devices. With this in mind, data has never been more important. Similarly, protection of that data has also never been more important. If you find that your device contains too much valuable information that you do not want to chance losing, then you will need a good backup app to make sure you are protected. Below are ten quick suggestions for backup apps you might want to consider.

App Backup & Restore

Kicking off today's list in App Backup & Restore. If you are in the market for an app backup service then this one will do just that. App Backup & Restore allows for directly copying and saving of apps to the external SD card and therefore keeping them safe for when you need them again. When the time comes for restoring, the apps can again be restored directly from the SD card without too much trouble. It is worth noting though, this app only backs up the apps (APK's). This app will not backup the data for those apps.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup will need very little introduction and especially for those out there who are rooted. As the name does suggest, this app does require your device to be rooted. In spite of that automatically ruling out a majority of the market, this app does need to be included as it is a saving grace to those who are rooted. Titanium is a one stop shop for backups, which backup all your apps and data in a very effective way. Restoring data and apps, is just as easy with the ability to restore all apps and data at the same time, or on an app-by-app basis. A must have app for those who are rooted.

Helium - App Sync and Backup

Helium is by known root developer Koush and as such will immediately come with a good endorsement from many rooted users. However, unlike Titanium Backup, you do not need to be rooted to use this app. Whether rooted or not, users can employ Helium to help them easily backup their apps and their app's data. If you are rooted, then the app will work much like Titanium, while if you are not rooted you will also need to download the desktop client which will help in backing up your device remotely. The other added benefit of the desktop client is that you can easily restore your apps and data to other android devices as easily as on the origin device.

Easy Backup & Restore

While some apps on this list will only allow for the backing of apps, Easy Backup & Restore allows for the backing up of a much wider degree of content. In fact, with this app you can easily backup apps, SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar information, bookmarks and contacts. All information can be saved to either the SD Card directly or to any cloud-based service like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Great all-in-one solution for those that need it.

Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Super Backup is another quick-fix solution for all-in-one backup needs. With this app, you can once again back up a number of data options including apps, SMS, call logs, calendar information, bookmarks and contacts. Once again, the backups can be stored locally on your device's external or internal storage. This app will also offer the ability to backup app data too, although this feature will require you to be rooted.

My Backup

My Backup is probably one of the most famous backing up tools available for android devices and as such has been downloaded a bunch of times. Not to mention that this app is one of the more polished apps out there. In contrast to the previous apps, My Backup is probably one of the apps which offers the biggest choice of content which can be backed up. In fact, this app will pretty much backup anything you want it to. Backups can then be stored locally or again using cloud-based services, with support for a whole host of cloud options. A real good and polished all-in-one option for those that want it.

Mobile Backup & Restore

If you are looking for a very reliable option for you backing up needs, then this might be the app for you. Mobile Backup & Restore is brought to you by Avast (the antivirus guys) and as such offers a very safe and reliable solution for data backup and restore. As you would expect, with this app you can backup a good variety of content although some of the media based content like apps, music and videos does require the premium (paid) version to be installed.

truBackup - Mobile Backup

While some of the other app offerings come with a more complex looking and detailed interface, truBackup is much more user-friendly. With this app, the energy is very simple and allows for quick backing up and restoring as well as transferring between devices. As you would expect, you can back up a selection of content including SMS, contacts, photos videos and audio. This app will also allow you to backup your apps although this one does not offer the option for backing up app data.

Backup Your Mobile

If you are less concerned about backing up apps in particular and more interesting in keeping the more detailed elements of your android device safe and secure than Backup Your Mobile might be the right option for you. This app allows for backing up of a large selection of non-app data including Contacts, SMS, MMS, call logs, system settings, passwords, calendar events, bookmarks and browser history. If you do want you apps backed up too then don't worry this one will back them up as well. Once again, backups and restores can all be performed using your favorite cloud service.

CM Backup

Finishing up today's list, a great option for those who are used to Cheetah Mobile products. This is the same company who brought you the device clean-up tool Clean Master and also the lightweight and intuitive browser option, CM Browser. Like those products, CM Backup is designed to unite your device with the company's inbuilt cloud service. As such you can back up all the data options you would expect and can store them securely on the CM cloud. One of the benefits of this is that you can view your content online from a desktop, as well as send to other devices if you need. Great option for those who want access to their backed up content without having to actually restore the data locally.

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