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As devices increase in performance, we also see devices coming with bigger battery capacities. That said, batteries can only get so big and regardless of the mAh of your built-in battery, sometimes it is just not enough juice to get you through the day. If that sounds like a common problem then this is where portable battery banks can be useful. If you are currently in the market for a new battery bank, then here is quick introduction to one of the latest offerings available, the Puregear Powerbank 10,000mAh.

Design & Looks

Puregear bank4Straight off of the bat, the Puregear power bank looks really good. It had a nice black finish accentuated with an almost luminous green Puregear logo. The power bank feels heavy enough to assure you there is a real battery in there and not too brittle or plasticky, like we see some from other power banks on offer. In terms of the finite presentation of the bank, there is a rather nice finish to the bank which looks like a grain effect etched throughout and on all sides of the device. Not to mention, the Puregear also comes with curved bottom and top edges. This does of course mean that you cannot balance the bank in any upright positions, but on the upside, feels much better when in-hand. No sharp edges here.

Puregear bank3In terms of size, the power bank is actually quite small and especially when considering the device comes with 10,000mAh inside. The power bank is a little on the chunky side and as such does not adopt the sleekness we see from some other units currently available. For instance, when holding the bank, you will know you are holding it. That said, the thickness is somewhere offset by how short the power bank is in terms of height and is certainly shorter than any of the current major flagship devices out there.


Charging & Performance

Puregear bank5With this being a 10,000mAh battery pack, it will come as no surprise that it easily enough will charge your device without issue. In fact, during testing, the power bank was sufficiently able to charge a smartphone between two and three full cycles (drain to full charge) before depletion. It did not seem to be able to complete the third full charge without needing to be recharged itself, but certainly two charges were more than possible.

The unit is a dual charging bank and as such allows for charging of two devices simultaneously. A separate port is positioned on either side of the device, which makes a nice change to the more common 'together positioned' dual port banks we sometimes see. It is also worth noting that the two ports do offer a different output, with the first port providing 1A while the second port offering a more powerful 2A outage. This is perfect for users who need to charge both a smartphone and a more powerful tablet at the same time.

During the review period there were no major issues with the function or performance of the powerbank and as such it does the job it intends to. The bank comes with a dedicated button to activate the powerbank although it does not need to be turned on/off to activate or deactivate charging. Once a device is connected, the bank automatically begins charging. Not to mention that there are four LED lights included, to give you a rough idea of how much battery the bank has remaining. Once the bank runs low, the last LED does begin to blink, letting you know it is beginning to run dry.


In terms of the actual charging, a full charge cycle was similar to what you would expect from a direct wall charger. The smartphone was charged in a similar, albeit slightly slower time frame. In terms of the actual bank being charged, this was a longer process and did take the bank some time to reach a full charge. Although, not particularly notably longer than what is often experienced with other similar level and capacity banks.


Puregear bank2If you are in the market for a decent looking and well functional power bank then you may want to give the Puregear 10,000mAh power bank a try. This is, what seems to be a very well-built power bank and should last through the rough and tumble of a traveler's life. You can carry this unit, knowing it is unlikely to fall to pieces every time it takes a bang or a drop. Battery life was sufficient for what it claims and overall was a good unit. It is a little pricier than other banks out there and will set you back $59.99. That said, guaranteed battery life when on-the-go is sometimes invaluable. The Puregear Powerbank 10,000mAh is now available to puchase.

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