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Of the many companies out there that make audio products Plantronics is probably one of the first names many people think of when they consider headsets and headphones.  This is because Plantronics has been making some seriously excellent equipment for years and have a good name behind their products.  Plantronics offers a ton of different types of audio equipment but is probably best known for their bluetooth headsets for phones, which are super high quality and offer tons of features when compared to most other headsets on the market.  Plantronics lineup of gaming headphones are no different, and work as more than just a good pair of speakers for your gaming needs.

Let's take a look at the build first given that's the first thing you'll notice upon pulling these out of the box.  This ain't your normal every day crapperware as Uncle Rico would put it.  The RIG Flex gets its name from the design of the unit which features premium cloth materials wrapped around every part that's supposed to touch your head, as well as a completely flexible and nearly unbreakable band that goes over your head.  Many headsets just feature a stiff plastic band with some padding underneath to keep your scalp from getting agitated, but the RIG Flex's band is all soft with a bendable frame that snaps back into place afterward.  You can twist these around as much as you'd like, Plantronics guarantees you're not going to break the band, and because of that the headphones feel super premium.  They're also very light which is important when you're using them for hours.


The ear covers, which can be one of the most annoying parts of over-the-ear headphones, are padded with a super soft material and are large enough to completely enclose the ear.  There's even padding over the speaker to ensure your skin doesn't get irritated by any plastic at all, which is quite a relief after hours of use.  There's no actual buttons on the headset itself, rather just a single 3.5mm audio jack on the backside of the left ear cover.  The headset comes with two types of plugs, one with a large boom mic and one with an inline mic that includes a phone call button.  There's also a Y-splitter that will let you plug it into a computer with dual ports for audio and a microphone.

Sound quality is absolutely phenomenal and features some of the best quality I've heard in any headset I've personally used, much less under $100.  Lots of bass along with great highs and mids give the sound quality a boost over your regular pair of headphones and are important for offering the clarity needed for gaming in particular.  The audio takes on an almost 3D quality too, seemingly separating the audio tracks when listening to music or other audio sources.  I could clearly hear the different instruments while playing music, feeling like I was sitting in a studio and could picture exactly where each musician sat while playing too.  What I really liked in particular is that I didn't have to adjust the equalizer at all to get the sound I felt was right, these just worked out of the box without changing anything.  I really can't praise the audio quality enough, and afterall that's the whole point of a headset anyway, isn't it?

For $79.99 these headphones are a deal and will give you probably the best quality I can think of without spending an arm and a leg to get it.  I'll be using these as my daily headphone driver for a long time, and I know they'll last too because of the super high quality build.  There's also plenty of flexibility in usage scenarios too, as I can not only mow the lawn with them or walk around and listen to music but they've also become my podcast headphones, delivering great audio both on the receiving and sending end.  Get these if you're looking for a gaming headset, a great pair of over-the-ear headphones or anything else you can think of needing headphones for.  Check out Plantronics website for all the places you can buy them at.



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