Featured Review: LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The Bluetooth speaker market is overloaded with options. It seems like every electronics company has a Bluetooth, or several, and there are loads of small companies overseas that just make speakers. Some sell them directly on Amazon or eBay and some stock them in retail stores. All of them are looking for something that sets them apart from the competition. The LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker has tried to solve a particular problem to differentiate itself. The speaker has a lip, a small ledge, to set your phone or tablet in when you're using the speaker to stream audio. Instead of laying your device on a hard surface that could scratch it, you can just prop it up in the groove on the front of the LuguLake speaker. It works really well. Let's take a closer look at the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

lugulake bluetooth speaker4


The LuguLake speaker has an all metal design that feels very sturdy. The unit I reviewed was gold, but it also comes in other colors including silver, black, and blue. The ledge where you sit your phone or tablet is also well made and is just the right size for almost any device. I tested it with multiple phones and tablets, and each one fit nicely and didn't fall out. It worked well even with a tablet in landscape mode. This makes a good experience watching movies on a tablet. It would also work well for gaming with a wireless game controller. This stand for your device is the, ahem, stand-out feature on the speaker.


On the bottom of the speaker there are several rubber pads that provide a solid foundation for the speaker on almost any surface. On the back of the speaker are the controls. Here's where we find the On/Off switch, 3.5mm auxiliary port, and the microUSB charging port. There's also a full sized USB port and you can use this to charge your device off the battery in the speaker. This will reduce overall battery life for the speaker itself, but it's a handy feature. The speaker comes with a microUSB charging cable and an aux cable that you can use to connect the speaker to your device using a wired connection.

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Using The Speaker

Pairing the LuguLake Bluetooth speaker to your device is simple. When you turn the speaker on, it will automatically enter pairing mode. All you have to do is go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone and select the LuguLake speaker. Everything else is automatic. The sound quality on this speaker was good. The speakers are on either end of what is basically a tube. They are not large speakers, but it still has enough volume for any indoor use, and most outdoor uses. It's really great piping in background music at a small house party. There's not a lot of bass, and when the volume is cranked all the way up the sound is a bit thin, but overall it gets the job done.

One of my favorite uses for the LuguLake speaker is watching movies. I connect the speaker to my tablet and then pull up a movie. Put the tablet in landscape mode, and then stick in the stand on the front of the speaker. The sound coming from the Bluetooth speaker is much better than the sound coming from my tablet. With the stand built-in, it makes for a good viewing experience. I like to use it to watch movies with my kids. The design of the speaker with the stand means that I don't have to hold the tablet the whole time we're watching. The battery life on this speaker is good, too. I was able to get 6-7 hours of use between charges. This is plenty of time to watch 3 movies and have a little bit left.


lugulake bluetooth speaker


The ability to stand your device up in this speaker is a great selling point for me. Sound quality is good. Sound volume is lacking a bit, but if you're using it indoors at home or at the office, you'll be fine. Battery life is above average and the ability to charge your device using the speaker will be convenient in some situations. The build quality is great and the speaker feels like it will hold up well. The LuguLake Bluetooth speaker can be found on Amazon for $36.99. You can find it on LuguLake's website here.