Featured Review: Junopower JUNOJUMPER Battery Pack and Jump Starter

February 4, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Battery packs seem to be all the same. But something I’ve been seeing more and more in some of these battery packs is the fact that they can jump start your car. Now I haven’t actually been able to jump start my car with this battery pack. Thankfully, I haven’t needed a jump start. But it is a pretty decent idea. This is a 6,000mAh battery pack that can also charge your smartphone or tablet. So it’s not the biggest battery pack in the world, but the fact that it can give your car a jump start is pretty damn cool. It’s definitely one of those accessories you should keep in your car at all times.


Junopower also gives you a car adapter, instead of an AC adapter. So you are only able to charge it from your car. Which makes sense. But it also means that you can use the battery pack as a car charger. Once more, since December 18th, “JUNOJUMPERs will ship with SMARTec Cables – an intelligent cable that alerts you if car is ready to jump or not ready to jump”, which is also a pretty awesome feature.


You also have a flashlight built into this battery pack. Which I think is a fantastic feature. Especially if you get stranded in the dark. You are able to use it to find your battery and jump start your car and get going.


Junopower does a good job of demonstrating how it works to jump start your car in the video below.

So this isn’t the type of battery pack you’d buy just for charging up your phone or tablet, but to jump start your car as well. Which I think is a pretty neat feature. It does cost $99. So it’s not cheap, but it comes with the jumper cables, car charger, and a USB cable to charge your smartphone. There is only one USB port though, unfortunately.