Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Having A Facebook Phone Could Make Things Easier

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When it comes to mobile operating systems, people tend to think about the big names, like Android, or… iOS, even Windows, and of course there’s still Blackberry. But what about Facebook? Facebook has never said that they have plans to create or even care to develop their own operating system, but there have been rumors of a Facebook phone that have been floating through the ether for years at this point, which if it ever manifested would likely just be a device running on another OS with deep ties to Facebook and Facebook services, much like the HTC phone that released with a Facebook skinned user interface running Android years back.

While an actual Facebook phone is anything but a reality, in a recent talk with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gave some insight on how they deal with not having a large platform like Google does with Android, which could be used to better distribute their services to users. Zuckerberg’s answer was interesting as he mentions that although they don’t have any plans to build their own operating system, Facebook might have an easier time with things if they had one. He called the act of not having an platform to distribute services like Facebook, Instagram and others a “little stressful” and that they might be “able to help people out more and deliver our services better if we had partnerships with the OS’s we use to build our stuff.”

While things for Facebook might be easier if they had their own platform to distribute apps and app updates, they have recognized that they don’t need their own operating system to get things done. They have already been doing things just fine without one for this long. It would be interesting to see what a Facebook owned operating system would like though. Would it be a forked version of Android or would it be something developed completely in house using all of their own code? Would it be the perfect setup for those that basically live their lives vicariously through Facebook from waking moment to waking moment? Will we ever see a true Facebook phone hit the market?