Exclusive: More Leaked Samsung Galaxy S6 Images

AH Samsung Galaxy S6 Verus Leaked Images 4

Another day and another set of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks and renders appear. Well, to be accurate, we have already seen our fair share of new renders and leaked images appear this morning in the latest images which seemed to emerge from a Chinese site. The images from this morning seemed to corroborate what we have been seeing recently in terms of the general look and design of the Galaxy S6. The only problem with these images is that they are never very clear or revealing.

That said, today we have managed to get hold of a few more exclusive images of the Samsung Galaxy S6. These latest images are of Verus smartphone cases, designed for the Galaxy S6. Now, although we have seen a lot of leaked images recently, these ones are extremely polished and not only show the device in the normal angles like we have previously seen. Instead, these images show the sides and a much clearer view of the front of the device. Like the previous images, the device again seems to show the sensors and the flash moved to the right of the camera lens. Again, we are also seeing in this images that the camera protrudes outwards. Likewise, it also seems that the home button (centered at the bottom of the device) also protrudes outwards slightly.

Other notable differences that the new images seem to suggest is that the speaker has been moved down to the bottom of the device, instead of on the back of the device like on the Galaxy S5. Likewise, the notification sensors seem to have been moved to the left of the top front facing speaker. On the Samsung Galaxy S5, these were more positioned on the right of the front speaker along with the front facing camera (which still seems to be positioned on the right on the Galaxy S6). Lastly, as we are getting to see clearer images of the sides in the pictures below and again, these images do seem to be confirming that the Galaxy S6 does indeed have this metal frame running around the entire device. Well, enough talk, take a look at the images below and make sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think. They really are some of the clearest renders we have seen.