Curioos App Combines With Website to Put Art on Your Walls


I don't know about you, but I am not very good at visualizing – you know, how will that couch look in my living room, what will my kitchen look like with those cabinets or the very worst…what will this color look like in my study?  Many companies have come up with PC programs that can take the basic look of your kitchen and add the cabinets and presto – you can see what you kitchen would look like with those cabinets, or any other cabinets.  If you go to most large paint stores today, they can match colors from a fleck of paint, piece of cloth material, anything with color…and like magic – it can not only mix you a gallon of that color, but even show you what it will look like on a room similar to yours.  You can even bring a picture of your room into the store and have it 'painted' or even wallpapered before your very eyes.

What about decorating?  Can you imagine trying to figure out how a picture would look on your wall?  Curioos is a curated marketplace for digital art and they have come up with an ingenious app that may very well help them sell more artwork and help you to select the right picture for your wall.  The app utilizes augmented reality to help users visualize how pieces of artwork will look on your walls!

The entire process is easy and painless…it's actually quite fun.  Visit on your mobile device to start your Android download.  Next, print out one of their 'trackers' (see below) and place it on the wall as a 'placeholder' for the print.  If you do not have a printer, you can bring it up on a laptop or another smartphone and hold that in place – of course, you may need an extra pair of hands and using your smartphone as a 'placeholder' will produce a smaller picture.


The third step is the fun part – shopping on Curioos' website to find the print that you just cannot live without…searching by Product, Collections and Artists.  Under Products, you can choose – Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Aluminum Prints or Acrylic Glass Prints.  Under Collections, there are Popular Themes, Limited Collections, Graphic Fields, Black and White and Nude.  Under Artists, they give you about 60 -70 for you to select from.  As you roll over each print, you will see the title of the print, the artist's name and the price…and pricing starts at $39, although some prints seem to be on sale and are even cheaper.

Once you select your picture, the last step to view your print is to point your device at the wall and take a look.  You can even choose frame options, select the prints that you like the most and save them to your favorites.  There is also an in-app photo that you can 'take' and share it via text, email or on social media.  E-commerce and digital art allows most people – not just the rich – to be an art enthusiast with such competitive pricing.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are into art and if you try out the app, please let us know how you like it…as always, we would love to hear from you.


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