Crystallize Your Design Has A Shimmery Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Encrusted With 1,800 Swarovski Elements

February 5, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Have you ever lost all manner of sanity and thought, “I’d like to toss away a huge chunk of money to plaster my sleek looking smartphone with thousands of tiny little crystals.” If you answered yes to that question, Crystallize Your Design has a solution for you. BEHOLD! The Praying Hands Swarovski encrusted Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. It features a completely custom design made up from 1,800 tiny, shimmery Swarovski elements to really bring the bling and let everyone know just how much you’re bankrolling. Because the fact that you own an expensive smartphone just wasn’t enough to get the job done.

If glittery designs on all your stuff is your thing, and you really need a Swarovski encrusted Galaxy Note Edge to match the other Swarovski encrusted items you carry around with you on a daily basis, then all you have to do is gather up about $2,500 which is the expected retail price to obtain this setup, and you’ll be able to walk down the street blinding people as they drive when your phone shimmers in the sunlight. Seriously, staring at the back of this Galaxy Note Edge in the video below made me feel like the paparazzi was snapping off a thousand pictures right in my face.

All jokes aside, CYD has done a pretty good job placing the crystals on the back just so to make them look like a picture, and when the crystals do shimmer it does look kind of cool. That said, there has to be so many better uses of $2,500 than this. If you have the cash though and $2,500 is like a drop of water in the bucket to you, keep on eye on CYD’s website(link below)for when you might be able to snag this crystallized device. There was no mention of when you might be able to pick this up, so we’d just suggest to have the money ready if you need time to get it together. Perhaps you could sell a few things on eBay and pull together what you need? What do you think of the Galaxy Note Edge made with Swarovski? Does it sparkle in just the right way?