CrucialTek's Touchscreen Fingerprint Scanner Coming Soon


The Korean media have interview Charles Ahn, the Chief Executive of fingerprint module maker, CrucialTec. Charles is confident that CrucialTec will grow exponentially this year. His business, which has suffered from three consecutive annual losses but now has more than ten projects around the world with smartphone manufacturers to supply biometric trackpads. He said this on the matter: "CrucialTec will not be just a manufacturer but a company that provides total biometric solutions from software and hardware to module packaging technologies." CrucialTec are a supplier for both BlackBerry and HTC, two manufacturers that have suffered in the last few years. The use of optical trackpads has fallen out of favor with customers, even when biometics are included; many people simply prefer using just a touchscreen. And CrucialTec have a patented technology that will allow customers to scan their fingerprints on the bottom of the touchscreen rather than using a fingerprint scanner.

The technology uses an under-glass fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen, showing at the top of the article. It's not currently clear how, exactly, the sensor works and we will have wi wait until a device is launched with the new technology. Furthermore, they've converted their optical tracking pad production lines to be able to produce the biometric tracking pad – these lines used to produce ten million units a month. CrucialTek believe that now Apple Pay is starting to gain traction, this will generate interest in biometric security systems and they have the best system available. CrucialTec are working in conjunction with payment solution developer, Danal and is also a member of the FIDO Alliance, an industry consortium for standardization in authentication technology. Other FIDO Alliance members include Google, Alibaba, PayPal and Microsoft. CrucialTek have invested a lot into the technology!


CrucialTek believe the technology will be ready for inclusion by the end of the first half of the year and we've already seen rumors that the Meizu MX5 will include a fingerprint scanner not integrated as part of a home button. Apple recently patented a similar technology, which might mean that a future generation of iPhone dispenses with the home button at the bottom of the screen (and potentially results in smaller bezels top and bottom).

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