Countdown on Pebble Website Hints at Something New Next Week


Pebble's rather interesting and unique pixel-art website is now headlined with the above giant pixel Pebble watch, counting down to Tuesday February 24th at 7AM Pacific Time.  Other than the above timer and image there's only a simple email form to fill out in order to receive more information when it's available.  The image on Pebble's site represents the original Pebble watch, which debuted as a Kickstarter project in 2012 and was the largest Kickstarter project at the time.  It went on to sell over 1 million units as of December 2014 and is easily the most successful smartwatch ever even though Samsung has a larger marketshare as a whole than Pebble.

Just a few days ago Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky talked about what he envisions for Pebble's future, and it's this chat where we can probably find the most information about what's going to be unveiled.  Migicovsky spoke about the future of smartwatch interfaces and how Pebble wasn't crazy about the current model of using a touch interface to replace a mouse or other input device on a smartwatch.  This sort of interface needs a huge overhaul according to Migicovsky, but what he and his company are planning isn't quite clear.  There's a very strange disconnect with Pebble and Android Wear when considering Migicovsky's opinion, as he isn't a big fan of Android Wear's design in general.  Oddly enough Pebble has added some significant Android Wear functionality lately including not just receiving Android Wear notifications but also adding the ability to run any Android Wear app on Pebble.

We've seen two generations of Pebble watches, which Pebble both sells, but the only difference between the Pebble and the Pebble Steel are the materials used in the manufacturing process.  Pebble Steel is twice the price of the original Pebble because it's made of metal and not plastic, but is Pebble getting ready to unveil a true second generation watch?  Pebble's biggest selling point isn't just the $99 price either, it's the week-long battery life thanks to the e-ink screen.  It's anybody's best guess as to exactly what Pebble will unveil, but the likelihood of a new interface and a new product are extremely high.

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