These Concept Renders Of The HTC One M9 And Samsung Galaxy S6 Are Visually Stunning

We still haven't officially seen what the HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6 will look like, but we have seen plenty of leaks and concept renders of the phones to be and it won't be long before we likely get to see the phones in all their true glory once Mobile World Congress 2015 comes around, when HTC and Samsung are rumored to be showing off the devices to the world. Until then, we can be happy with oogling these beautifully designed concept renders which show off what the devices could look like, with some of the HTC One M9 standing by itself and some being compared against renders of the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as the iPhone 6.

Now based on the previous design of the HTC One (M8), these designs of the HTC One M9 actually don't look too different save for a few new defining features. The first and most obvious thing to spot here is the lack of a Duo Camera which we've heard plenty of rumors about before, stating that HTC would be deciding on a higher MP count for the upcoming device instead of going with their previous makeup which was a relatively small MP set of what HTC called Ultra Pixels. We still don't know for sure if HTC has decided on this but so far all signs point to the use of a 20MP rear camera instead of the 5MP Ultra Pixel with a Duo Camera this time around.

Now for the camera on the front, this render shows off the HTC One M9 with a FFC in the middle instead of slightly off to the side like last year's model, and the bezels on the top and bottom have been drastically reduced, which if present in an official design, should make plenty of users happy(even though HTC had a reason for those larger bezels, the Boom Sound speakers). When placed next to the renders of the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6, the HTC One M9 actually looks just a tad bit taller, and in this render the overall design as far as placement of all the buttons are basically in the same spot, as are the micro USB and 3.5mm audio ports. Another thing which looks quite different are the dual front facing speakers, which are placed at the very edge of the top and bottom of the screen. We can also see the SIM and microSD card slots on the sides, as well as what looks like a dedicated camera button below the volume rocker. All told, if the HTC One M9 looks like this render design, it will be a striking phone visually, all that will be left is to see how it holds up performance wise. We don't get to see much of the Galaxy S6 renders, but we do get a couple of images of what the back could look like, sporting a single camera design with the sensors and flash next to it. There's also a view of the top and the bottom, and just from these renders the Galaxy S6 looks quite similar to the iPhone 6. With that being said, we doubt Samsung will be traveling down the same road they had in the past which landed them in years of court battles over design patent infringement. The renders do look nice though.

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