Chrome OS App Launcher Icon Soon To Be Changed From Grid To Magnifying Glass


If you are currently using a Chromebook, you have probably already realized the numerous benefits of using Chrome OS. Of course, there are downfalls too, but Google seems to be slowing working through these and finding various solutions to the issues users have. That said, Google never seem totally happy with the system they have implemented and always are constantly making small changes, refinements and adjustments to how Chrome OS is presented and functions. For instance, it was only a couple of days ago that it was reported developer (dev) channel Chromebook users could now more easily sync external drive content with their Google Drive account,

Well, the latest change which seems designated for the dev channel users is one which will affect the presentation of the App launcher on Chrome OS. For those who are not sure what the App launcher is, this is the small launcher key in the bottom left of the screen. The new change will not affect how the launcher responds of functions, but will greatly affect the presentation of the launcher key. Until now, the app launcher has always been defined by a small stacking or grid icon (looks like 9 small squares stacked in a three by three layout). Well, according to code which has just been committed to the Chromium codebase (source link below), this stacking icon will soon be a thing of the past.


The new icon will consist of a typical Google magnifying glass. Think of this as the icon for 'search' on many other Google products and services. As you can see in the image below, this will greatly change the way the app launcher is presented. It is not quite clear yet as to the details of how the new launcher icon will work (i.e. will it launch the same pop out window or will users type into the search glass tab), although those on the dev channel will probably see the update and change landing soon enough and will be able to let us know. If you are worried about the new look and prefer to stay with the standard stacking icon, then you can of course, simply stick to a stable channel where such changes will not be automatically rolled out. What do you think of the new icon? Glass or grid? Let us know.

Chrome OS launcher change

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