Can’t Get Your MiBand Notifications To Work Properly? This Might Help You

February 5, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi has released a ton of smart devices last year. The Xiaomi-branded smartphones received the most publicity, of course, but there were some other releases by this Chinese tech company which are worth mentioning. One such device is definitely the MiBand fitness band. This is a great accessory for your smartphone, and the best thing about it is its price, Xiaomi MiBand was priced at 79 Yuan ($13) at launch in China. We all know that Xiaomi likes to push boundaries when it comes to pricing, but this is just insane. This is a really solid fitness band which costs far less than some of its competitors, you can get it internationally as well, though you’ll have to pay a bit more, of course.

That being said, some people have been having issues making this thing work properly with their non-Xiaomi devices, officially you need a Xiaomi-branded device (which runs Android KitKat 4.4+) in order to make this thing work properly, but there’s a way around that. It seems like one reddit user managed to fix some of his issues and decided to share that with the world. He had issues getting notifications to work properly after the band got synced and everything set up properly (he uses an LG-branded handset), this is what he did in order to fix it. First, keep in mind that your device needs to have support for Bluetooth 4.0 at the very least, though that shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever, even devices which are a couple of years old have the Bluetooth 4.0 support. You’ll also need a smartphone with Android 4.4+ though, so don’t forget that part.

Anyhow, when the notifications didn’t work, the reddit user found a replacement for the MiBand app called the “MiFit” app, which you can download here. Read through the info in that article in order to find out how to set it up. You need to download the notification version of this app and sideload it to your smartphone, though you’ll need to uninstall the version you had on your phone though. Before you go any further, restart your phone, that’s probably not needed, but do it just in case. Now you need to enable the notification access to the app, which you can do by going to Security (Settings) and entering the “Notification Access” option. If you cannot see the option there, install the NotiriferPro Free app from the Google Play Store. You need to activate the “BleNotificationService” under notification access settings and you’re all done. The MiBand will sync successfully and you’ll be good.