Candy Crush Soda Saga Resulted In More People Playing And More Players Paying Helping King Beat Expectations

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Just when you thought an an app could not become any bigger or more successful, along came a sequel, Candy Crush Soda Saga. Now, sequel is a bit of a loose word as the game pretty much is identical to the first incarnation. However, that does not see to have stopped droves of people from downloading, installing, playing and paying for the game. King (the developers behind the Candy Saga’s) have just published their fourth quarter results and they make for some very sweet reading…if you are King, that is.

Overall, King published a total revenue of $546 million in Q4 alone. This level of earnings saw the company exceeding their predicted cent per share by 10 cents a share (57 cents compared to 47 cents). What is probably more important for King’s long term strategy is that the figures also saw an increase in new users. This will be the best news for investors as prior to the launch of the Soda sequel, the original Candy Crush had been seeing their daily active users declining over the previous quarters. That all changed with last quarter and the introduction of the Soda game. Instead, King now note an increase year–on–year of 20%. In real terms, this was stated as a daily active user average of 149 million users. In fact, it seems across the board playing was up significantly with both monthly users and unique visitors also rising by 31% (to 533 million) and 17% (to 356 million) respectively.

To add to the generally sweet feeling the investors must be feeling, not only did the figures show that more people are playing the games, but those same people are spending more per person. The figures for Q4 showed the monthly average bookings per paying user rose to $23.42 which is a 35% increase year-on-year. So generally, it is all-around good news for King. Not to mention, they are again expecting Q1 of 2015 to show an increase with a predicted profit of somewhere between $575 and $600 million. So what do you think of King’s results? Are you a Candy Crush (or Soda) Saga player? Do you think these in-app figures are getting out of control? Let us know.