Best Buy Discounts Moto 360 Models up to $50 in 2-day Sale

February 6, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, Best Buy kicked off their 2-day sale over on their website. As part of that sale, the Moto 360 is now on sale for up to $50 off. So the leather band version is now $219 ($30 off), and the metal bands are now $249 ($50 off), that includes the gold one. We have them linked down below for those that are interested. You can also check out Best Buy’s full 2-day sale here.

Moto 360 Leather Band – $219.99

Moto 360 Metal Band Silver – $249.99

Moto 360 Metal Band Black – $249.99

Moto 360 Gold Band – $249.99