How to Backup Messages, Contacts from Android to Computer

Android Assistant

As Android devices become more advanced, our dependence on them increases. What was once just a device used to make calls and receive the odd message, have quickly become staples of our social and working lives. As people become more dependent on smartphones, they also become more vulnerable to losing valuable data and information. With that in mind, it has never been more important to ensure your data is protected, safe and available. If you lose your mobile device, if it breaks, software corruption or it is simply stolen, making sure your information is available afterwards should be of a top priority.


One software option which is now available is Coolmuster Android Assistant. This software is designed to ensure all your mobile device information is kept safe for the times when it is needed. Coolmuster is a one-stop android to computer management software, which allows for easy transfer, storage and safe-keeping of all of your important details. If backups are of major importance, with Coolmuster you have the ability to easily copy and backup multiple file types including media, text messages, applications and so on. Likewise, what business could succeed if you were to lose all of your important contact information? With that in mind, with Coolmuster you also have the added ability to save your contacts. In addition to simply saving the contacts, Coolmuster’s software offers users the ability to directly manage the contacts directly from the computer itself. User’s can delete contacts, rename and also export one (or all) in both CSV and XLS file formats.



Although, file backups can seem like a lengthy and time consuming process, with Coolmuster they are able to be performed in an extremely quick fashion, with full backing up of data from an Android device with one click of a button. This will enable you to free up that in-demand Android device’s internal memory while keeping all your media, images, contacts, texts and apps safely stored on your computer. Need them back again? No problem! With Coolmuster, you can just as easily restore all your media, contacts, apps and messages with another simple one click of the button. As well as taking care of all your android backup management issues, Coolmuster Android Assistant also offers its users the ability to use their device in a more effective manner. Fed up of texting the same message to multiple contacts? With Coolmuster you can type one message on your computer and instantly send to multiple contacts with only one easy click. Saving you time and energy. Likewise, you have the ability with Coolmuster Android Assistant to manage your apps, install, uninstall or delete the ones you no longer need and generally keep your Android device running smooth, light and clean as Coolmuster is a fully functional application manager as well.



With such software, security always matters and Coolmaster is a safe and secure system offering full compatibility with all major Android manufacturer brands, as well as compatibility with Windows 8,7, Vista and XP. Coolmuster is in itself a very lightweight operating system and unlike many others, does not require heavy or intrusive permissions to function. In fact, all permissions needed are READ-ONLY ensuring your device, data and computer remain safe and secure from damage. If Coolmuster Android Assistant sounds like something which could help improve your Android experience and you would like to know more on how to backup Android contacts to PC then you should watch the video below.