AT&T's Equipment Insurance Plans Gain Open Enrollment For Subscribers Until March 31st

Handset insurance is something most people have to consider when going to buy a new handset, and if you're careful with your stuff,(we're talking very careful)or you just have enough cash to throw around that accidentally breaking one doesn't matter to you, than you might normally come to the decision that you don't need handset insurance every time it's presented to you by a sales associate. Then there are those individuals who would rather play it safe than sorry, and will decide that insurance for their brand new smartphone is a smart choice to help protect them from accidental damage of any kind. Normally phone insurance is something you can only pick up within a small time window after buying the phone, usually within the return window for your carrier. AT&T is shifting things a bit by giving consumers a chance to openly enroll in handset insurance up until March 31st.

Now this doesn't mean you won't be able to set up equipment insurance after March 31st, if you're buying a new phone after that time you'll still be given the opportunity then, just like always. This is more useful for those individuals who have recently purchased a phone and didn't add insurance when they had the chance, but have changed their minds and now want the feature. Subscribers are capable of enrolling in any one of the three plans that AT&T offers for equipment insurance, so no matter which package is the best fit for you, all of them are included here.

If you're not familiar with AT&T's available insurance plans, they start at $6.99 a month per number which gives customers coverage on one phone per feature add, basically per number, with two claims possible per year. Next up is the $9.99 package which gives customers the same options as the $6.99 plan plus specialized, enhanced technical support for devices. Lastly there is the $29.99 per month plan which is a per account cost. It covers up to 3 devices, and will net the customer up to 6 claims per year which are shared between all three lines that are covered. It seems that anyone who has purchased a phone more than 30 days ago has the ability to enroll, just so long as they sign up before March 31st is over.

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