AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 “Six Appeal” Teaser Also References “S6 Edge” In Source Code

February 23, 2015 - Written By John Anon

As the days leading up to MWC become less and less, the amount of information and referencing to what we expect to be unveiled (namely the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6) will become more frequent. This morning, we have already heard a number of references to both coming through. One of those regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6, was AT&T had decided to let out of the bag their official teaser. This was a ‘Six Appeal’ image (limited view of the device) touting the AT&T color. This was being seen as a direct result and reply to yesterday’s’ image being sent out by Verizon. Which was the same image but sporting Verizon’s color.

Well, although the actual teaser was pretty much the same as Verizon with no additional or notable information provided. It does seem that AT&T might have silently upped the teasing game. It seems, if you check out the source code of the Six Appeal AT&T page, not only does the code clearly reference the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it also clearly references the ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’. There is no mention of the Edge on the page view (the page you are supposed to see) but embedded in the code, the reference is there.

Now, it is not that clear as to whether this is was an intentional move by AT&T to ‘leak’ the S6 Edge name again or whether this was more of a mishap on their end. Either way, it might be safe to assume that AT&T at least expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be heading their way. It is also worth (briefly) pointing out that over the last few weeks there have been some reports that the Edge version was simply going to be called the ‘Samsung Galaxy S Edge’. As such, it does seem there is still some debate as to whether the device will be dubbed the Galaxy S Edge or come using its full title, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Either way, it is unlikely we will have to wait too long to find out the name of the device as all will be unveiled at MWC on March 1st.

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