AT&T Is Increasing Data On $45/$60 GoPhone Plans And Introducing New $30 Plan On Feb. 18th

February 16, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

AT&T is tweaking a couple of their prepaid services, as they’re slated to be doing some upgrades this week to a couple of their different GoPhone plans come Wednesday. The two plans being included in this change are the $60 plan and the $45 plans. If you’re already on one of these plans as of now or are thinking about switching to one of them, you’ll be noticing that the data is being increased to 4GB of data for the $60 plan and 1.5GB for the $45 plan. That means the subscribers on the $60 plan are getting 2GB more than before and the $45 plan is getting an extra 500MB. The $45 plan is also fairly new and AT&T is already increasing the data allotment for it.

In addition to the data increases on these two GoPhone plans AT&T is also reportedly going to be introducing a new plan to expand their prepaid offerings, which includes a new $30 plan tier coming in below the $45 package as a starter plan. According to Droid Life the two plans that are being updated today are going to stick with 4G data through their cap limit, getting throttled after users pass that point, while also giving customers unlimited talk and text.

The $30 plan for anyone interested will not have data included, but 100MB of data is optional at $5 extra a month. It will however have unlimited talk and text just like the $45 and $60 plans. AT&T will also be introducing $1 a day data access for customers who are on the $2 a day unlimited talk and text daily plan, bringing their daily total for wireless service access to $3 which will include 100MB of data for use during that day. That’s obviously not a lot, and is more geared towards those customers who want to go about their access on a daily basis and won’t be using much data to begin with. For those customers who will be using quite a bit of data and messaging a lot with some calling, either the $45 plan or the $60 plan is the best choice. These changes are being introduced on February 18th which is Wednesday, so if you’re going to be a new customer on one of these plans you’ll be able to start with them from the get go, where as existing customers will see the changes implemented when they renew.