Android How to: take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi Note

Miui screenshot AH 03805

We’ve got our hands on the Xiaomi Mi Note smartphone that was announced earlier this year. We’ll be doing a nice and long review in the very near future, but figured we teach everyone how to use a few things in MIUI in the meantime. This is MIUI 5.2.7 Beta, but it’s very simple to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi Note.

When you want to take a screenshot of something, simply press the power and volume down buttons together. It should only take a couple of seconds, and you’ll see a nice animation that will take place and in the notification bar you should see your screenshot you just took. From the notification tray you can go ahead and either view the screenshot or share it. So you are able to share it with a number of apps including Hangouts, Google+, Twitter, and others. If you want to edit it first, tap on the screenshot and go into Gallery and edit it. Just be sure you hit save before you’re done, or all of those changes you made won’t be saved, which will kinda suck.

So that’s how you take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi Note. It’s not difficult, but it is something that we get asked all the time, so we figured we should go ahead and show everyone how it’s done. We’ll be doing plenty more MIUI tutorials so make sure you stay tuned.