Android Headlines Biweekly Photo Contest Kickoff Post


The Superbowl is over, unfortunately for some, but that doesn't mean that the kickoffs have to end here at Android Headlines.  Today we're here to announce the kickoff of a brand new kind of contest, one in which you can enter the best photos you've taken over the past two weeks and be featured for all to see on Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.  We're excited to have started our biweekly Android Photography Tips series, and to follow that up we'll be hosting a photography contest to help you use those tips to the fullest extent possible.

Depending on the week we may change up the theme, give you different keywords or items to take photos of, but to start things off we're just going to leave it up to your imagination.  That means all you need to do is make sure the photo was taken in the last two weeks and submit it to us.  Feel free to edit the photo or not, remember this is photography so editing is most certainly a part of the whole process as much as giving a raw photo is.  This will be an ongoing contest, which is why the two week restriction is imposed.  In the next contest post we'll feature the 5 winners from the past two weeks, so feel free to hold your best photos back until Wednesday, February 18th when our next post is slated to go up!  Here's the official rules and ways to enter:

  • Picture must be taken within the last two weeks (January 21st to the day you post it)
  • Picture must be taken with an Android device, and please list which device you took it with
  • Pictures can be edited or not, feel free to tell us if you edited them and what software you used
  • One entry per person please
  • Include any additional information necessary such as back story or whatever the photo needs to be complete
  • Post on Google+, Instagram or Pinterest with the hashtag #AHPhotography

That pretty much covers the lot of it, so have fun and remember to be as creative as you usually are!  To start this off I took the above photo today on my OnePlus One using the built-in HDR mode on the CameraNext app in CM12, no editing at all.  Photographers are a special bunch and we'd love to recognize that in the next post!