Android Headliner: What's LG Got for us in Barcelona at MWC 2015?

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Currently, it’s looking like HTC and Samsung are the only ones bringing their big guns to Mobile World Congress in a little over a week. HTC and Samsung both have press conferences – back to back actually – on Sunday for the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. But what about LG? Well, they announced the LG G Flex 2 back at CES last month and they’ve already pretty much confirmed that the LG G4 won’t be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. So what could they possibly have for us?

Well there is that WebOS smartwatch that was shown off at CES in Las Vegas, and we later found out it was running WebOS. But as Android fans, what does LG have on the Android front? We’re likely looking at a few mid-range Optimus smartphones that we’ll see on pre-paid carriers soon. We may see some more tablets. In 2013, LG announced the LG G Pad 8.3, which is really their only high-end tablet, ever. In 2014, they released a few other G Pad tablets, but they weren’t high-end and rather low-end. Mostly to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 lineup. Thus, they were pretty cheap, around $300 for the 10-inch version. Other than possibly some tablets and a few mid-range smartphones, what else is there? There is the LG Watch Urbane, which they already announced earlier this week. Which is essentially an all-metal LG G Watch R, which was a fine looking smartwatch.

As far as displays go, we may see some more flexible displays from LG. Like Samsung, they’ve been working on some flexible and curved displays for quite a while. There was rumor of a smartphone coming from LG that was similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that Samsung announced late last year. It was even rumored that at CES, LG was showing off a smartphone with a curved, Plastic OLED display (same display used on the LG G Flex and Flex 2)  to select partners. Likely carriers to partner with to sell the thing. Which is common at trade shows like this. So we might see a Galaxy Note Edge-like smartphone from LG at MWC this year. But at this rate, they aren’t planning a press conference in Barcelona. So I’m not entirely sure this is going to happen.

And that’s likely about it from LG. Not much this time around. So why so little from LG? Three words “HTC and Samsung”. We already have HTC and Samsung announcing their 2015 flagship smartphones in Barcelona on Sunday, March 1st. Which are going to get a lot of attention, Samsung more than HTC likely. And LG doesn’t want to get buried by Samsung. Which makes a ton of sense. If I were LG, I’d do the exact same thing. And where they did just announce the LG G Flex 2 last month in Las Vegas, they don’t really need to announce another new smartphone. The latest rumors we’ve heard about the LG G4 was that it’s coming in April. So we’ve still got a little bit to wait for this one.

We will be visiting LG on Monday, March 2nd to get hands on with the LG Watch Urbane and whatever else LG brings on the trip from South Korea to Spain in a little over a week. So whatever you do, make sure you follow Android Headlines for all of the latest information from Mobile World Congress.