Android Headliner: Samsung Could Be On To Something With The Gear VR

Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset may not be widely available or compatible with a large set of devices as it currently only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at this time, but they could be on to something with the launch of this virtual reality headset that aims to bring VR tech to the masses for videos, games and other experiences. Oculus was the first piece of new tech to really start focusing on VR and got people interested in what the technology could bring to the space, and while the Oculus is primarily gaming focused, the Gear VR(also manufactured in partnership with Oculus for the optics)takes a slightly different approach in trying to make the device a little more affordable for the average person and expand on the probable uses.

Right now since there's a lack of device support and you can really only buy it from one major retail outlet, Best Buy, it's almost hard to think of it as big news. Samsung is going to be pushing the Gear VR hard this year though and as more and more development for VR headsets begins to emerge we'll probably see more and more stuff that can be done with them, and eventually Samsung may open up compatibility. Samsung is already starting to make waves with the Gear VR  by offering up first class entertainment to travelers who fly with Qantas Airlines, which is starting a three month trial of handing these headsets out to passengers in first class cabins on select flights. Forget everything you knew about crappy in-flight entertainment as this could really change the way people experience movies, games and other content during travel with first class airfare. If the Gear VR trial fares well we could see Samsung bringing this type of entertainment to other popular airlines which would certainly make first class travel on specific airlines more desirable. Personally, I would be more open to forking out the money for traveling first class if I had the opportunity to use Gear VR during the flight.

In addition to testing out the popularity of their newly available VR tech on flights, Samsung has gotten in on the ground floor of the VR wave of products early on a mass consumer level before other companies, which is good for them and could give them a little bit of an edge over any other OEM who may be looking to explore the same space. However it's possible that this could be just another big flop in the long run just like we saw with 3D TV's and monitors. The one main difference is that VR seems to be getting quite a bit more attention than 3D technology did a couple years ago, and Samsung is making it available for cheap at just $200, which could draw the attention of users as more and more devices begin to get support for it, even if it ends up coming from a new Gear VR model. VR tech like the Gear VR are also targeting people as more of an in-home use product, so people will likely be more open to giving the device a shot. What do you think about Gear VR and the possibilities it can bring to movie watching and gaming? Do you see it serving another purpose greater than those previous two? Or do you feel gaming and movies/tv/videos will be the best use of Samsung's VR technology?

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