Android Headliner: What We Expect To See From LG, Samsung, HTC, And Others At MWC 2015

Mobile World Congress is an annual mashing together of all the smartphone and mobile device industry's biggest players, and it's generally where we see the unveiling for the year's most popular flagship handsets. This year is shaping up to be no different as we're likely to be seeing the Galaxy S6 from Samsung announced on March 1st during the first day of Mobile World Congress, and HTC announced this past week that they will be showing off their upcoming successor to the HTC One (M8) from 2014. Of course we can't forget about LG who has been rumored to possibly show off their LG G4 at the event this year too. We've talked a little bit the last couple of days about what we're expecting to see at this upcoming mobile device convention, so here we're going to be wrapping up what we're expecting to see from the most known manufacturers.

As we stated, Samsung is holding their Unpacked 2015 event at Mobile World Congress this year just like they do every year, although this time around they won't be holding a remote event here in the states, so if you want to see things live you'll actually have to be in Barcelona this year. They're expected to be showing off the Galaxy S6 this year, but there are also plenty who believe we may see the Galaxy S6 Edge announcement as well, and given the few Samsung teasers about it so far as well as the carrier leaks we saw just yesterday it's looking more and more likely. Samsung won't be stealing all of the spotlight for the first day this time around, since HTC announced they're holding their own event on the same day, which is where it's believed we'll see the HTC One M9 announced. HTC also teased something HUGE was coming, which some speculate may be the arrival of the HTC One Max 2. HTC is also believed to be showing off an upcoming fitness tracker at the event codenamed 'Petra' which some believe will be the result of their partnership with Under Armour.

When it comes to LG, the other big player in this year's MWC lineup, there are probably a few things we'll end up seeing at the event. The LG Watch Urbane was already announced, so it won't be a surprise for MWC but we'll likely get to see it shown off in person there. The big reveal, if it ends up happening here, could be the LG G4, LGs successor to the popular LG G3 from 2014. We expect to see some notable improvements for the device this year, like an updated camera and there have been rumors of a higher resolution display too, the possible inclusion of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU like we see in the LG G Flex 2, and LG is expected to include their OIS+ camera feature with laser autofocus. There's also the possibility that we may see some new flexible display technology from LG at the event, which we could see being used in LG devices in the future. We have already seen the LG G Flex 2 show up at CES 2015, but you can be sure LG will likely have it on display at MWC as well, and why wouldn't they?

We're sure to see some stuff from Sony at the event, but the question remains if it will be anything of merit. Some are speculating that we could end up seeing the reveal of the new device in the Xperia Z range of smartphones, in this case the Xperia Z4, but there have been rumors that Sony wouldn't be releasing a new device this early and may possibly push things back to a year long device cycle. However just today Sony may have inadvertently leaked the presence of the Xperia Z4 tablet in their Xperia Lounge application, which showed off a side view of the tablet's thin profile, and also stated it was carrying a 2K display, the latest ultra fast processor, and it was listed with a date of March 3rd, so we may actually end up seeing at least the Xperia Z4 Tablet at the event this coming week. While we're not 100 percent sure what to expect from Sony at the event, we're eager to learn what they have in store for us.

Other brands will be at the event too, like Huawei, which are less known here in the states but are huge in their home country of China. Huawei has a press conference set for March 1st, the same days as Samsung and HTC. We may not end up seeing any new smartphones from Huawei at MWC, however they're believed to be unveiling some new wearables at the event this year. Wearables are poised to be even bigger in 2015 than they were in 2014, so this isn't a huge surprise to see new stuff coming from Huawei in this area. Have any ideas of what you think we'll be seeing at MWC 2015 this year? Is there anything you're hoping will be announced? What are you most looking forward to at this year's event, and will you be watching press conferences and events through the livestream or will you be on site and on the ground in Barcelona to see things in person?

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