Android Game Of The Week: Overkill 3

February 27, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

If you’re familiar with the Overkill franchise from Craneballs, then you may want to check out their third installment which just released onto Google play back on February 25th. Overkill 3 is an action/shooter game where you play in a third person view. It looks and feels like a cover shooter where you frequently are moving between various spots while attacking enemies and trying to achieve objectives during your given mission. Compared to the last two Overkill games in the series, the visuals in Overkill 3 have been scaled up quite a bit. The gameplay has also changed slightly in that you no longer see things in a first person view like the first two titles.

In Overkill 3, while there is plenty of action to be had a core focus remains pointed at gun customization. There are tons of weapons for you to collect and loads of ways to upgrade and outfit them with various attachments like silencers, scopes, red dot sights, extra mags and more. You’ll find all manner of artillery here too, from assault rifles to sniper rifles and even heavy machine guns. The gameplay is set in the future where there are multiple opposing factions all fighting each other in an oppressed state vying for control. You play as a soldier for the resistance, who is trying to bring things back to order.

Those who like variety will find the evolving environments a pleasantry as levels shift from deserts to abandoned cities and huge industrial complexes. The game even features boss fights which are interlaced with cinematic cutscenes, which provide a mesh of nice visual appeal and challenge that will be a bit different from the basic enemies you fight against in every level. Craneballs has also added in a technology research element, which allows to start research on nano-suits, which you can upgrade with better attributes and give your character better protection with each evolutionary change. If you like third person shooters, Overkill 3 is more than a decent offering to fill your time. It’s enjoyable and has plenty of features that any shooter fan would find exciting and fun, and it’s free, and you can’t argue much with free. There’s currently 60 levels to play through, and there will be future updates that add in more content. It also supports multiple languages and in addition to English it has been localized in Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, and Chinese. While I found the controls to be a bit harder to get used to than I thought, after a few minutes things become easier.