Android Game Of The Week: Naughty Kitties

February 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Casual games can be loads of great fun, especially this little gem called Naughty Kitties. It’s a mix of tower defense and casual endless runner types, where you have a flying spaceship you have to protect from the enemies advancing on your position. You’ll have to place cats on the ship to attack the enemies moving closer to you as your ship whizzes through the air, and the longer your ship lasts the more points you rack up. There are varied types of cats to use for the ship, each having their own unique abilities. Some will attack while there is one that is used to repair your ship as it takes damage.

Placing cats on the ship will cause a slight few second refresh timer on when you can place a new cat, and as the game progresses you’ll be able to unlock a couple new spots on the ship to place more cats for added firepower. Eventually you also unlock a special attack ability that destroys your enemies with massive damage, but the special attack has a pretty long refresh timer so make sure you use it when it’s needed the most. The art style and visuals are cool too as who can resist some super cute cats battling it out on a space ship flying through the air.

The game features three different modes of play, and it has a nifty little tutorial to help walk you through the game basics, although learning to play is already pretty simple as is. Controls are extremely simple too, as all you have to do is drag and drop the cats in the desired location on the ship, and there is even a combo system kind of like with match 3 games that lets you unleash stronger attacks. In addition to the different breeds of cats which have different abilities, there are also different ships to unlock. Need to put the game down and pick it up five or ten minutes later? No problem as this is a casual game so you can simply hit the pause button and take care of your business, then come back to play when you’re ready.