Android Game Of The Week: Monkey King Escape

February 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Monkey King Escape is an endless runner game from Ubisoft Entertainment where you play as a loveable yet mischievous monkey king who must escape the clutches of the Jade Emperor. Monkey King Escape is like many other endless runners in that you must complete a series of swipes from left to right, and right to left, down, and up to avoid the oncoming obstacles set in your path. There are barricades to jump over and slide under, big logs to dodge, and gigantic dropping pedestal columns to avoid getting squished by if you’re ever going to escape the emperors fortress.

How Monkey King Escape sets itself apart just a tad is through some of the in game items and boosts, like the ability to turn into different animals to get past certain parts of the stage. You can even fly atop a golden cloud to fast track a longer distance than when you run. The game also features boss fights which aren’t too long but they’re still enjoyable and a nice breakaway from the norm of endless runners, and they’re simple enough that anyone can find them fun as they’re just a series of perfectly timed swipes to attack the boss and move on. There’s tons of collectible bonuses and power ups like the transformation power up mentioned above, and there’s additional players to unlock so you can switch things up once in a while just in case you get bored of playing the monkey king himself. In all there are 4 unlockable characters to play.

You can also unlock secret levels with more coins and power ups to boost your score, and since this an endless runner the main goal above all else is to get the highest score you possibly can. There seems to be some sort of multiplayer element in the game as well, and you have friends that play the game you can help them along or you can toss that mentality to the wayside and attempt to smash them and their high score for bragging rights. Nothing like some good old fashioned friendly competition. Monkey King Escape is free and there are IAP’s although they didn’t feel too intrusive to me. The only downside is the ads that pop up in between losing and starting a new play session as it ended up a bit buggy there for me personally. Nevertheless it’s a fun game especially if you like endless runners.