Android Game News Weekly: Sonic The Hedgehog, Narborion Saga Book II, Draw Slasher, Omega The First Movement, Heavestrike Rivals And More!


Gamers Begin Petition For A Remastered Sonic 3 On AndroidScreenshot (1419)

Sonic The Hedgehog was one of the more iconic games from the beginning era of consoles way back in the 90's, having served up hours of enjoyment for many gamers who owned or had a friend who owned a Sega Genesis. While there have been a number of Sonic games released for Android including a couple of new titles like Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 and 2, it seems gamers have started an online petition to have Sonic 3 remastered and released onto Android, which would include new HD visuals, new levels, new cutscenes, and support for widescreen displays. If you're interested in signing this petition you can find it here.

Naborion Saga Book II: The Gods Of Orcs Hits Android In MarchNaborion Saga Book II: The Gods of Orcs

If you're a huge fan of interactive gamebooks, the developers of the Naborion Saga series have announced that their sequel to the first gamebook arrives in March. Naborion Saga Book II: The Gods of Orcs will hit sometime in the next few weeks. Aside from being a gamebook with heavy story driven narrative play, it seems you'll be able to take a picture of tabletop figurines and have them ported into the game for use. How that works out we're not sure but we'll end up learning more next month when the game launches. There is a teaser trailer which you can check out below for some more details.


The PS Vita Version Of Draw Slasher Lands On AndroidDraw Slasher

Draw Slasher is not a new game on Android, as it was originally released on the platform by Gamelion studios in black and white years ago, however there was a "newer" version which landed on PS Vita some time last year, re-created in full color with enhanced graphics by development team Mass Creation. That version was recently ported to Android and features all kinds of zombie slashing fun. You play as Hanzo, a ninja tasked with slashing down the hordes of pirate monkey zombies. The game features intuitive touch controls, upgradeable Ninjutsu techniques, and a story to follow so it's not just mindless zombie slashing. You can grab the game on the Play Store for $2.99.




Omega First Movement Is A Rhythm Game Headed To Androidmain-poster

Goya Studios will be bringing their Rhythm based game called Omega: The First Movement to Android soon, and although there is no exact release date the dev team is hoping for a launch by the end of February which is just a week away. The game is built on Unity Engine and features some great artistic looking graphics with music and design that was inspired by the anime called 'Elfen Lied' according to the dev team on their blog. The game is said to be a mixing of rhythm based gameplay as well as battle action elements, with an upgrade and quest system and a couple of different modes of play including survival and a story mode with 15 different levels. Check out the trailer below for more details.


Heavenstrike Rival Slated For Global Launch This MonthHeavenstrike Rivals

The popular strategy based RPG from Square Enix called Heavenstrike Rivals is scheduled for a global launch on Android this month. It's currently only available in a few regions as part of their soft launch, but we shouldn't have to wait too much longer before we can officially get our hands on it. The game features simple yet tactical battles against other players, with 230 different animated characters to collect and fully train for battle. There's also plenty of exploration here and quests to complete as there are some RPG elements. Check out the first look video below for some more details.

Gameloft Shows Off Some Skills For Dungeon Hunter V(Video)Dungeon Hunter V

If you're a fan of the Dungeon Hunter series you'll be happy to know the team at Gameloft is hard at work on the 5th installment in the franchise, and while we have already seen one or two videos showing off some gameplay footage, this latest one which dropped this week shows off a little snippet of some of the new skills to expect in the game. Skills and abilities will have different elemental attributes, and just from the look of things Gameloft seems to have put much time and effort into the graphics for the abilities.


Rayark Inc. Shows Off Opening Game Trailer For ImplosionScreenshot (1424)

Back at Google I/O 2014 Raryark(the game studio behind popular rhythm based game Cytus)showed off a new Action/RPG hack and slash title coming to Android called Implosion which I was lucky enough to get some hands on time with. Even back then the game looked amazing and controls felt smooth and fluid. Gameplay was fast paced, action packed, and it felt like there was some depth to it. It was originally slated for a release back in December of 2014, but the game ended up getting pushed back a little bit however it has finally received a launch time frame of sometime in April. Leading up to it, Rayark has released a teaser of the opening game trailer for Implosion, and it looks pretty awesome. Give it a watch.


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