Android Game News Weekly Feb 8th: Humble Cartoon Network Mobile Bundle, Game Of Thrones, Dungeon Hunter V, PPSSPP, Evoland, And More!


Latest Humble Mobile Bundle Brings Cartoon Network FunHumble Cartoon Network Mobile Bundle

Humble Bundle has been at it again with their latest mobile offering, bringing 11 cartoon network games to your device for the minimum of $8. Out of the entire bundle, there are four games you can pay whatever you want to get, which includes Regular Show: Best Park In The Universe, Regular Show: Ghost Toasters, Regular Show: Ride Em' Rigby, and Adventure Time Treasure Fetch. If you also choose to pay the average amount which at this point sits at $6.11, you'll unlock four other games which include Regular Show: The Great Prank War, Adventure Time: Jumping Fin Turbo, CN Superstar Soccer, and Ski Safari: Adventure Time. Paying the average amount will also unlock any future games that are added to the bundle. Lastly, if you choose to pay the $8, you'll unlock Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Adventure Time: Time Tangle, and The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders Of Townsville. You still have about 8 days left to get in on this bundle if you enjoy the cartoon network games.

Telltale Games Launches Ep. 2 Of Game Of ThronesGame Of Thrones-1

Telltale Games episodic series of Game of Thrones saw the launch of the second episode of the game earlier this past week, which will already be available to those who purchased the season pass for the game, or for those who are picking up the episode all by itself in continuation it will cost $4.99 through an IAP. If you were eagerly awaiting the Game of Thrones arrival, here's your chance to pick it up.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Dungeon Hunter V Gets 'First Look' FootageDungeon Hunter V

Dungeon Hunter V is well into development ad we've already seen the footage from Gameloft's first developer diary video, and earlier this week they posted a video giving us all a first look at the gameplay more in depth as they proceeded to play the game on camera so we know what we're in for. In the video they play through the first mission so we get to see what being a bounty hunter is like in this new game. Combat looks as epic as ever and the visuals and special effects only make the game more desirable. As this is the first look at gameplay, the second episode comes up this Thursday so make sure to keep an eye out for it on Gameloft's page. Give the first video a watch below.


PPSSPP Gets Updated With New FeaturesPPSSPP

If you like video games of old then you very well might have an emulator app, or three on your smartphone or tablet. If you enjoy PSP games, then PPSSPP is an emulator you should be familiar with, and if you already have it installed, you may be aware that it recently received an update this past week which brought in some new features and improvements. In this update the dev made some enhancements like improved audio latency, as well as brought many fixes to the emulator like graphic fixes for example. There was also a bug with the boss on Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker that has now been patched. There's also now a new feature for the analog/d-pad swap hotkey if you like to switch between controls on the regular.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Evoland Transports You Through Action RPG EvolutionEvoland

If you missed our Top 10 games for February back on Thursday, then you may have missed the chance to see a rather cool looking game on the list called Evoland. It's a new action RPG on android which takes you through the evolution of RPG titles from retro 8 bit graphics and gameplay to the 3D visuals of action RPG games and some hack and slash combat of action RPG's. You'll also find traditional JRPG style combat in the game as well, and of course it isn't without a compelling storyline to keep you engaged. If you have a spare $5, grab Evoland for an awesome experience.


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