Android Game News Weekly Feb. 1st: King Of Thieves, Naughty Kitties, Heroes Of Might And Magic III, Duke Nukem 3D, Sky Punks And More!


Zeptolabs To Release Non-Puzzle Title Called King Of ThievesKing of thieves

The creators of popular puzzle game series Cut The Rope are set to come out with a new game in the future called King Of Thieves, and unlike any of their Cut The Rope games this won't be a puzzle based title. Zeptolabs hasn't given too much detail on the game just yet, but the official King Of Thieves website states the game is a mix of platformer and massive multiplayer, so that immediately makes it sound pretty interesting. The game will contain elements like PvP multiplayer where you can steal gold from other players, design your own dungeon with unique traps which you can upgrade, and you'll be able to use boosts to breakdown defenses of other player's dungeons. Zeptolabs says the game is coming soon but hasn't listed a definitive time frame yet.

Naughty Kitties Brings Feline Warfare To AndroidNaughty Kitties

In a weird little mashup, Naughty Kitties landed on Android this past week bringing gamers a title with the likes of Tower Defense and Endless Runner genres. The game will have you and your squadron of kitties aboard a spaceship that is flying through the air as battle it out against aliens, and your goal is to try and get as far as you can. Things get interesting as you have to swap out your cats from time to time and each cat seems to bring their own unique expertise and skills. You can also upgrade your ships for more abilities, better weapons and defenses. The game actually seems fun in a "cats are cute" sort of way and if you like tower defense and endless runners, the game is free so why not give it a shot.


Heroes Of Might And Magic III Lands On AndroidHeroes of might and magic III

Ubisoft has teamed up with DotEmu to bring the critically acclaimed Heroes of Might and Magic III HD to Android devices, and it's now available in the Play Store for those who crave strategic battles and warfare for the price of $9.99. You can explore remote lands and build up a amazing cities and strongholds, than wage war on your enemies with HD graphics in 7 awesome campaign missions that include 8 different factions. If you like strategic gameplay and you enjoyed these games in the past, you can now play it anywhere on your Android tablet if you fork out the cash.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Duke Nukem 3D: Hail To The King Collection Set For Spring ReleaseDuke Nukem 3D

As Duke Nukem 3D was originally released for the PC back in 1996 on January 30th, Voidpoint who has acquired the rights to the original PC DN 3D, is bringing the entire collection of games from that franchise to Android in the spring. Sadly there isn't any information on an exact release but at least we know it's coming. The bundle will end up including Duke Nukem 3D in all three of its forms, the PC, N64, and PS1 versions, plus a few expansions. Get ready for spring time BABY!


Rovio Stars Set To Publish Upcoming Game Called Sky PunksSky-Punks-Now-Available-App-Store-Canada-Australia-Indonesia-Philippines

Rovio Stars will be publishing a new game soon called Sky Punks with development studio Fathom Interactive. The game will be somewhat of a racer where you'll be flying around on these vehicles called GlideWings, in an endless runner style of gameplay where you'll attempt to whiz off as far as you can go while trying to collect items along the way. Endless runners are usually good fun so this one game to watch. It's out on a soft launch on iOS at the moment, but look for this to drop on Android sometime in the near future probably.

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