Android Epic App Battles: Google Keep V.S. ColorNote Notepad

February 13, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Taking notes or writing little notes to remind yourself of stuff is a concept that has been around for ages, and as time goes on the way we take notes has altered to follow the way we do things. While many may still take notes with pen and paper, plenty of people have found it more efficient to integrate their note taking into their digital lives by using note apps on their smartphones or tablets. That’s what this battle is about, two popular note taking apps that can help you remember to do stuff or create lists. Both Google Keep and ColorNote are excellent note applications, and each are a tad bit different in their own respects but at the core they’re the same in what they offer. An easy and quick way to write notes and keep them with you everywhere you go. Which one suits you better? Which one do you find has the better features? We’ll let you decide.

Google KeepGoogle Keep

Google Keep is Google’s take on the note application, giving users a way to make notes, lists, and even share links so you can remember to check them later. It’s core functionality is a simple, efficient way for you to make little notes of course, which you can also set reminders for so you don’t forget anything important, but you can also use Google Keep as a place to share links from other applications, like a webpage you want marked or even a photo. You can also set reminders based on time of day and date, or by location so you get a reminder once you reach your destination, like a reminder to use your left over cash instead of your debit card to pay for that latte once you arrive at the coffee shop.

We mentioned lists, and Google Keep is great for making lists for groceries, tasks, or virtually anything you’d need a list for. You can also save photos to Keep, and you can even use it to record a voice note which Keep will transcribe for you later. Keep makes it easy to keep things customizable and organized too thanks to the different color options for note, and since it’s a Google app it’s connected to your Google account, which syncs your notes across devices to eliminate any need to re-write them from device to device.

ColorNote NotepadColorNote

ColorNote Notepad is the same basic idea as Google Keep, an app for making notes, but it’s a little more of a simple take on the concept than Google Keep  as it focuses more on just making notes and lists without some of the features we have come to know from Google based apps. This is a quick and simple notepad application for writing notes, memos, emails, to-do lists, etc. and everything is color coded with options to keep things organized with certain colors if you wish.

The cool thing about ColorNote is the stickynote widget which can be placed on the homescreen. This is can be a little more useful than the entire Google Keep widget you have access to as it’s a simple, small stickynote that can take up less space. The lists function inside of ColorNote can also be made into a checklist, so if you’re picking up groceries you can actually mark them off when you’re done grabbing each item, which is something that Google Keep actually offers as well. You can password lock your notes if you like to keep things private, and you can even backup your notes to your SD card or to the cloud so you can sync notes between your phone and your tablet. ColorNote offers reminderrs as well, albeit only by time and date with no option for location based reminders, which could be useful. You can also share notes via sms, email, or Twitter.

So which note application has the better features? Both are great applications for writing up notes, lists, and memos, and both offer options to share and backup data in the cloud for note syncing across devices. If you prefer one or the other let us know in the G+ poll which one you like best.