Android Epic App Battle: Weather Timeline V.S. Yahoo Weather

How do you check the weather? Do you read the forecasts in the paper? Do you watch the nightly news? Or like much of this generation do you access your weather needs through any number of applications accessible on your phone? For those that check the weather on our mobile devices, there are plenty of apps out there to serve the purpose of telling you whether or not it's going to rain this weekend. In this battle we're going to focus on two weather apps that are great in their own right and have some pretty useful features to offer any user that decides to give them a shot. Weather Timeline - Forecasts, and Yahoo Weather. Which app is best suited for you though? Which one deserves to be crowned champion? We'll go over a few features of each app then let you decide that by voting in the G+ poll.

Weather Timeline - Forecasts

Weather Timeline - Forecast is a great little weather app that isn't over packed with features, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a useful feature set. It's simpler than most weather apps in style, but still offers up some pretty cool stuff. It features a simple design styled and inspired by Material Design, using the dark material theme and lollipop inspired colors. It displays the weather in a simple forecast format so you can see things at a quick glance and know immediately what the weather will be like on the day you need to know about. You can see the forecast for the day, and even break it down to different times throughout the day, and you can see the forecast for the entire week if you need it. You can even use the time machine feature to see the forecast weeks and even months in advance.(comes with awesome back to the future time machine loading screen, very important)

It also lets you select multiple weather providers in case you have a preference, it comes with customizable theme options, and has a couple of widgets so you can see things from the homescreen without having to open up the app. The app supports multiple languages, can be used with Android Wear so you can check forecasts from your wrist, and even displays graphs so you can see more detailed information about the temperature, precipitation, and so on.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather provides users with accurate and up to date weather information including forecasts for the day through the week, time of day and more. It has a more stunning UI than Weather Timeline, and adds in beautiful backdrops(grabbed from Flickr)for a pleasing visual experience when you're looking at the weather. Forecasts are viewable in either hourly, 5-day, or 10-day forecasts, giving users the ability to see things almost two weeks ahead of time.

There are also animated modules available within the app that feed you data on the sunrise, the sunset, wind and pressure, and if you need more details there are a host of interactive maps with a variety of different views. These views include radar maps, satellite maps, heat maps, and snow maps. You can also enter in and save locations to a favorites list so you can always stay on the up and up with the weather in those areas, making things easier for people who frequent multiple locations and like to know the weather before hand. You can add up to 20 different cities as well, which should be plenty enough locations for most people.

So there you have it, two great weather apps, both offering up something a little different to the user who likes to keep up with the weather information in their local area and anywhere they travel. Which one is best suited for you?

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