Android App Updates for Feb. 27, 2015: Microsoft Health, Xperia Lounge and More!


Microsoft Health Gets Updated

Microsoft's Health app for Android got a nice update this week. It brought along MapMyFitness and HealthVault integration into the app. This is the companion app for the Microsoft Fitness band that costs $200, for those wondering. It does support Android, Windows and iOS though.

CF.Lumen Gets Unrooted Mode

Screenshot 2015-02-26 12.33.18


Chainfire, this week updated his CF.Lumen app. Which allows you to change your display with a simple app. To get the best results you'll need to be rooted. However, with this update, Chainfire included an unrooted mode, as well as a 'Freeload' Option. Here's the full changelog:

"Added KCAL driver (see XDA thread for details). Added Rootless driver (see XDA thread for details). Added freeload option. Backuptool script updated (requires un-/reinstall of driver to become active)."

Xperia Lounge goes Material

Screenshot 2015-02-26 12.33.51


Sony updated their Xperia Lounge app this week to version 3.0.0. The major point of this release was the redesign to material design. It really does look amazing, and Sony even included a brand new icon with the app.

iA Writer comes to Android


Those that have used iOS or a Mac, probably know iA Writer quite well. It's a popular text editor that actually a few of us use here at Android Headlines. It's now available on Android though, as of this week. It's on sale in the Play store now for just $4.99. Which is quite a bit cheaper than on iOS and Mac at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively. Here's iA Writer's developers talking about the road to the Android release:


"In the summer of 2014, we started dabbling with the Android SDK to get a feeling of what it would mean to develop an Android adaptation of iA Writer. We discovered a dev-friendly world with scant traces of the Android horror stories we had in the backs of our minds."

Lyft Updates to allow you to pick a Payment Method for each ride

Screenshot 2015-02-26 12.39.43

This week, Lyft updated their app with a few features that Uber already has. For one, being able to pick a payment method for each ride, also fare sharing with others you're riding with, and  a bunch of bug fixes. Here's the full changelog:

"The choice is yours! Now, choose how you pay for each ride. New in this version (v2.13.0): Pick your payment preference: choose to use a coupon, credit card, or Lyft for Work credits after your ride. Updated Lyft Line request flow, including a price comparison to classic Lyft. Not in your contact list? Not a problem! Now you can split your ride with just a phone number. Behind-the-scenes bug fixes and improvements."