Android App Updates – Feb. 20th, 2014: Google Docs, Dropbox, Instagram and More!


Google Docs' Sheets and Slides apps Get Updated

This week, Google updated their Sheets and Slides apps for Android. Mostly fixing minor bugs, but also bringing rich editing actions in Office Compatibility mode. Also allows you to insert links into your doc straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Dropbox Adds the ability to open shared links in its' app



Dropbox added a pretty basic function to their app this week. It's the ability to open a shared link in their iOS or Android App. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, but it kinda is. Before if you tapped on a Dropbox link, it'd take you to the browser. Well now it'll ask you if you want to use your browser or the Dropbox app. Much better.

Instagram Beta brings Colored Status Bar for Lollipop

Screenshot 2015-02-20 09.43.15

I guess Facebook is beginning to learn about Material design. In the latest beta for their Instagram app, they've made it so that the status bar will be the same color as the bar at the top of the app. That weird blue color. Which is a nice touch, and took them long enough as well. Of course this is only available on Lollipop devices, and you'll need to be in the beta.


Pandora to Allow your favorite artists to talk to you


This is a bit interesting. But according to Pandora, they are looking to allow artists to record "personalized" messages to play on Pandora for their fans. Kinda like how radio stations get those personal messages from artists like "Hey Detroit, you're listening to Channel 955", etc. A bit interesting coming from Pandora:

"We're excited by the range of possibilities of what these messages could be: a tour announcement, new album drop, a crowd-funding campaign, the story behind their latest song or simply a thank you to fans for listening."