The Amazon App Store Comes To Blackberry 10 Devices With The Latest Update

February 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Amazon’s app store has just been ported over to Blackberry 10 devices with the latest Blackberry software update, meaning it’s no longer just available to Android devices and Amazon’s own in-house tablets and smartphone running on the forked version of Android. Now that Blackberry users will have access to the Amazon app store too, they can download and install a decent number of apps which Android users have had access to starting from the Amazon App Store’s launch 2011, although the Amazon App store only carries 240,000 apps so there is still a large portion of Android apps within the Play Store that users on Blackberry are still locked out from. Nevertheless, this update for BB devices is a great improvement.

This access will be available to all Blackberry devices running on the Blackberry 10 software which includes the Blackberry Z10, Blackberry Q10, and Blackberry Z30. Today’s software update moves supported devices forward to version 10.3.1. This feature is likely a long time coming for Blackberry users as it was announced last summer in June, and the Amazon App store apps add onto the already available selection of apps through Blackberry’s own Blackberry World app store. Although the updates have been announced as of today for all existing Blackberry 10 devices, the software still has to be approved by the carrier which users Blackberry devices are running on, so some users may not see the update right away.

Blackberry mentions that the software should begin to push out to device owners today, however just like with Android updates software roll outs will take some time and could potentially roll through the weekend. On top of Amazon app store access, Blackberry 10 devices with this new update will also have access to a couple of new features. Once is the Blackberry assistant which is basically like Blackberry’s version of Google Now, giving users the ability to complete voice assisted tasks and searches, and the other is called Blend which is aimed at adding the ease of communication through different means like emails and texts with the capability to also look through files, contacts, and calendars at the same time.