Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 Earbuds Leaked


There have been many rumors surrounding the new, as yet unofficial, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, or Galaxy S Dual Edge: we're not even sure what the device will be called although we have managed to reach a general consensus as to some of the details of the new handset, such as the processor (reckoned to be a new generation 64-bit, octa-core Samsung Exynos 7420 built on a new, small manufacturing process) and capacities available (Samsung have showcased a new memory chip available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB capacities). We have also seen other rumors too including one that had the Galaxy S6 released with Sennheiser earbuds rather than Samsung-branded buds.

We've now seen images of the earbuds claimed to belong to the unreleased Samsung Galaxy S6 models thanks to an anonymous leak online. Unfortunately, there's no way to know if these are the real deal or not. They look like they could be the real deal but as you can see from the gallery below, there is no Sennheiser branding in sight. It is possible that they are manufacturer by Sennheiser and branded Samsung, or perhaps Samsung used Sennheiser to help improve the quality of the earbuds. It is also possible that the S6 models will have different retail packaging depending on where it's being sold around the world, so these could be the earbuds from a different market to your own. Perhaps Samsung will reserve the Sennheiser buds for certain regions or carriers?


Looking at these Samsung branded earbuds, then; they have media controls and a microphone built in, plus they do look a little bit like the Apple earbuds, too. We've no idea of the quality of the buds or if they'll be available in different colors depending on the device chosen but with the new Galaxy announcement only a few days away, we should know before too long.

What do you think to the possibility of Samsung using Sennheiser earbuds? Would you be interested in using them? Have you always used whatever earbuds came with your device, or have you left them in the box and used your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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