The Alleged Meizu Smartwatch Photo Leaks In China

February 7, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Meizu is on the rise, though they still can’t compete with the big guns in China, looking at the sheer amount of smartphone they’re able to manufacture and, therefore, sell. Their smartphones are in high demand though and the company is doing their best to produce as many as possible. There’s no doubt that this China-based smartphone manufacturer will grow significantly throughout 2015, but they’ve been producing smartphones only thus far and they’ll need to switch it up a bit if they really intend to compete with the big guns.

Well, according to the latest leak, that might happen. If you take a look at the image above, you’ll notice the alleged Meizu-branded smartwatch, well, its screen that is. As you can see, this thing is round, but what’s interesting though, is the fact that this thing already has a Weibo page with no posts on it. I don’t know if you recall, but when Meizu was introducing the M1 Note handset, they did say that the “Blue Charm” line will consist of more than just smartphone. We could only guess what they meant at that moment, but other smart devices were a possibility, of course. It seems like Meizu intends to launch their own smartwatch this year, if this leak is legit of course, and I do believe it is.

Meizu has been doing a great job with their smartphone lineup thus far, they make extremely affordable and yet unbelievably capable smartphones. Keeping that in mind, I’d definitely want to see what they have to offers in terms of a smartwatch, how about you? Let’s assume this is real, its price won’t be that high and I’m rather certain it will run Android Wear, which would give the consumers yet another round Android-Wear powered option out in the market, and I doubt anyone would mind. Let’s wait and see if we’ll get any more leaks in the coming weeks / months about the Meizu-branded smartwatch because this is the first time we hear about it and it’s hard to say if the leak is real or not.