AH Tech Talk: Google Values The Best Of The Best And Is Willing To Pay For It

Google is a massive company with plenty of different jobs and employees spanning across many different projects and areas, and Google wants the top people to fill each and every role. The search giant is no doubt a great company to work for, but they also pay large salaries for those who are qualified to do the work. There are lots of different positions within Google ranging from project managers, to programmers, to engineers, and many of them earn a wage that is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. If you ever wondered just how much specific positions make though or which ones earn the highest wage, that information is not as hard to find as one would think.

The salary data comes from Glassdoor, which gathers the information from current and recent employees of Google who share the information. If anything, seeing just how much some Google positions make puts into perspective how much Google really wants to employ the best people for the job. Out of the data gathered on Glassdoor and presented by Business Insider, the highest paid position listed belong to Google's Finance Directors. This position typically earns a wage $339,000 for an annual salary(although like all positions the salary is only reflective of the base amount earned which can fluctuate depending on the person's experience)which makes perfect sense considering they manage the companies financial tasks. The lowest paid position according to this data is a senior quantitative analyst, which still earns on average a base salary of a respectable $166,411 annually, for handling tasks like financial risk management. It almost makes you think you should have paid more attention in Math class at a very early age.

If there's any take away from this, it should be that working at Google is no small task, which should be evident by the amount of money some positions earn for their employment. What's interesting, is that most of the positions receive incremental increases from one job to the next. Considering this, Google's fourth highest paid position gets a substantial bump over the wage earned by the fifth highest paid position according to this data, displaying that Google's Group Product Managers are highly valuable, earning an average base salary of $247,996 annually compared to the Senior Staff Engineers who earn an average base salary of $207,555 annually. Annual salary pay takes an even bigger leap when looking at the average annual wage of Google's Engineering Director, and the highest paid position from this data which we talked about above, the Finance Director, going from $272,370 annually to $339,009 annually. You can find the entire list laid out by Business Insider,(source link)and you can view more annual salary data pulled from Glassdoor at their website.

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