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There was some interesting news this week in the ROM world. Although, none of the news was massive or revelating, they were interesting nonetheless. A few oldies showed their faces while we also saw some of the new additions like a MIUI 6 port for the OnePlus One. The recurring theme for this week though was in fact 'themes', with a number of theme and ROM options available. Check out what was on offer this week and let us know what you liked, did not like and would like to see.


PacIf you are running a Nexus 9 then this week saw the release of a Beta version of PAC-MAN ROM. For those new to this, ROM, PAC is designed to bring together the best (or at least most popular) features from other ROMs into one all-you-need option. In fact, this is where their name originally came from, forging together the P from Paranoid Android, the A from AOKP and the C from CyanogenMod. Either way, if you are running a Nexus 9 and fancy something different then click the source link below.

PAC-MAN Nexus 9 (flounder)


Lollipop Theme For Xperia Devices

XPeriaFor all the Sony Xperia device owners who are still waiting for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to land then you might want to check this theme out. The developer, like you, got bored of waiting for Lollipop and decided to put together a Xperia UI Lollipop theme and focusing on Material Design. If this sounds like  something your Xperia is desperately in need of then click the source link below.

Materialistic Xperia Theme

GravityBox for Lollipop


For those used to rooting, GravityBox will need no introduction. This is quite simply one of the best Xposed modules available for rooted devices. GravityBox offers the ability to tweak an endless number of ROM aspects and features. Not to mention, it also allows adding of a number of features your current ROM might not have. It was only last week that Xposed for Lollipop was released and so it was good to see GravityBox coming out rather quickly too. Click the link below to head over and grab your copy. Don't forget you need the Xposed Framework installed too.

GravityBox Version 5.0.0 alpha

Instagram Themer

InstagramThis offering is only of use to you if you are a Instagram user. If you are then this one is a cute theme. It literally just allows you to change the color scheme of your Instagram app. Nothing groundbreaking, but still a great offering for those that want their Instagram to look a little more personal. Keep in mind though, like Gravity Box, this is an Xposed module so you will need Xposed Framework installed.


Xposed Instagram Themer

OnePlus One Gets MIUI 6 Port

MIUIThis was a really interesting addition that popped up on the forums this week. If you are running an OPO and fancy giving your device the Xiaomi MIUI treatment then this is for you. It seems MIUI 6 has been ported over to the OnePlus One and as you can see in the images, it looks pretty good. It is worth noting though that this ROM is highly buggy so venture at your peril. That said, click the link below.

MIUI 6 for OPO


Deviant Developments Twi5ted Lollipop 5.0 V1

output_co8fO6_zpsi33gbflmOK, if you are running a Samsung Galaxy S5 and really want to try something different then Deviant Developments have ported their Twi5ted Lollipop over. This is in a very early stage so as usual, it is wise to expect bugs. Otherwise, this one looks like it could be a real good ROM to try. It's also worth pointing out that the OP states no feedback, then no updates. So if you try, let them know…and donate.

Twi5ted Lollipop

5 OnePlus One Homescreens

Oneplus themesMoving back to the OnePlus One briefly, OnePlus sent out a blog post this week with their favorite picks of OPO owners homemade homescreens. The blog details their top 5 current picks and includes all links for you to download and install any of the homescreens you like the look of. In fact, they link the theme, launcher and icons, so you are all set. Got an OPO? Want a new homescreen? Click the link below.


OnePlus Homescreens

Root Explorer Flat Style Icons

flat styleClosing out the list today, is a nice addition to icon customization. If you are looking for some flat icons with a Material Design feel then maybe you should check out this one. The icons are available in both light and dark flavors and do add a nice edge. It is worth noting that these are meant for the Sony Xperia Z3. Either way though, they are worth a quick look at.

Flat Icons for the Xperia Z3

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