Acooo's Mechanical Keyboard Comes With An Android Powered Computer Inside

As a gamer, I can really appreciate the benefits of a mechanical keyboard. Not only do they provide a longer lasting life than that of rubbertops,(term for the rubber pad keys found in most keyboards)but there is just something about the click that makes them ever more enjoyable to work with, play with, and spend hours clicking away just to hear that desirable click-clack noise under your fingertips. As awesome as mechanical keyboards are though, how much more awesome would they be if they had the capability to house a tiny Android powered computer, while still retaining the ability to be used as a mechanical keyboard for your normal PC? I'd wager most people would find that pretty cool AND functional.

As it turns out, you can have a mechanical keyboard just like that featuring real Cherry MX switches for the price of about $299 thanks to a company called Acooo, and their OneBoard Pro + keyboard that comes complete with an android powered computer on the inside, and it features all kinds of illuminated parts like the keys themselves as well as the headphone port. Backlit keys look great, but they also serve the purpose of helping you see what you're typing in rooms that are not as brightly lit, which is of course another great functionality feature. Now for the specs. The OneBoard Pro + is powered by a RockChip RK2388 quad-core processor that clocks in at 1.8GHz, and it features 2GB of RAM, as well as 16GB of internal storage space.

It also features multiple ports on the back, including an HDMI out port, two USB 2.0 ports, one for the Android system and one for the PC which can be used to connect a USB mouse, an SD card reader that supports up to a 32GB card for added storage, the PC input port for support of HDMI/DVI/DP/VGA output, the 5V/2A power port to pug in the power source, and the 3.5mm audio port on the left side for your headphones or earbuds. The keyboard is running Android 4.4 so it's at least slightly up to date, and since you can have the PC line plugged into the back that supports HDMI video, you can run the HDMI cable from the keyboard to your monitor of choice, and basically switch back and forth as between your regular PC needs and the Android system. $299 does seem kind of steep, but we can't deny that this is pretty cool. What do you think of the Acooo OneBoard Pro +? If you're interested, you can grab it off of Aliexpress.

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