2GB Version Of The Xiaomi Redmi 2 Will Launch On February 23 And Cost 799 Yuan ($128)

Xiaomi Redmi 2 06

Xiaomi has launched their extremely affordable Redmi 2 handset on January 4 in China. This device is a successor to the Redmi 1S which was the company’s best-selling smartphone last year. The Redmi 2 is exactly what it’s supposed to be, an affordable entry-level handset which offers solid performance, and nobody really expected that the company will release the 2GB version of the device. Xiaomi managed to surprise us though, the 2GB version of this device was certified at the end of last month and confirmed by the company’s CEO soon after that.

We’ve expected this handset to launch soon, and it seems like that’s going to happen until the end of this month. People in China are getting ready for the Chinese New Year, and the companies over there are doing the same. Xiaomi, like many other companies, will offer all sorts of discounts during the holiday shopping time, but it seems like they’re going to launch the aforementioned 2GB version of the Redmi 2 as well during that time. The company has already released their plans for the holidays, and you can get more details if you click the source link below this article, we’re here to focus on the Redmi 2. I’m sure that this device will be one of the most sought-after Xiaomi products, so those of you who are interested should visit the source link and get more information as soon as possible in order to register and do your best to purchase one.

The only difference between the original Redmi 2 and this version is the RAM count, this device will sport 2GB of RAM instead of the 1GB that is included in the original device. The best thing about this device is that it will cost only 100 Yuan more than the basic version, which means the device will cost 799 Yuan ($128). The company will officially launch this new version of the Redmi 2 handset on February 23rd, and in case you live outside of China and intend to purchase this thing via one of the retailers, you might be forced to wait a while. This handset will be in high-demand in China and it might take some time for resellers to get it in stock.