XNSPY, a New Parental Control for Android Enters the Market


The problem with most parental controls is that a lot of them just seem dated. Because the way kids use smartphones and the internet these days is way more complex. Blocking a few websites and censoring a few words seems too rudimentary to properly mediate them. That's probably why XNSPY claims to be a more advanced parental control app because it offers monitoring options that fit for right now. Question is, will parents take on this app as readily as the makers predict?

Digital World, Digital Problems


We're all pretty embedded in the smartphone advancement that's going around us, which might make us blind to some obvious problems it has creates. Times like these taking a step back and looking at the holistic, bigger picture view seems useful.

Take your own child, for example. Your kid probably takes lots of selfies, then puts them up for everyone to see. They also keep their friends updated on any thought that crosses their mind in real time, and checks in anytime they go out for a bite. They WhatsApp their friends all night and crowd around phones to Facebook stalk people if they're feeling nosy.

Is there anything particularly wrong with any of this? Probably not… this is the smartphone culture, after all. But here's that bigger picture: the digital world has created digital problems. Kids are all part of a huge social network, but they've also had to pay a pretty hefty priceâ€"they had to sacrifice their privacy. And when that went away, problems like cyberbullying, predators soliciting minors, and cyberstalking just got more room to expand. Combine all of this with a lack of parental supervision, and suddenly, the bigger picture stats to look scarier.


Why Parental Controls?

Smartphones have given kids their own private lives. They hide away in those tiny screens in the palm of their hands, and parents have no idea what they're doing on it. Trouble is, for all the privacy that the kids have given up in the smartphone culture, the only people they desire any real privacy from are their parents.

This is where XNSPY comes it. It lends power to parents to properly monitor what their children do on their phones. A parental control that would tell them if their kids are conversing too closely with a suspicious stranger. It would tell them if they're giving too much personal information away on online platforms. It will show them all images their kids exchange and laugh about with their friends. And one that helps them keep the kids safer.


Does XNSPY Have Staying Power?

Here's the thing, XNSPY is a fairly new kid on the block. And in a place where parenting apps are flooding the market, one's inclined to think if this one has staying power. Well, it certainly has promise. For one, it's easily available to all Android users. And for the other, it's pretty easy to use and makes any parent feel like a tech whiz.

Here's where XNSPY is a little different than a traditional parental controlâ€"it functions remotely. A parent needs to install it onto their child's phone only once. After that, they'll get all the data from that phone on a web control panel. What makes it advanced is that it lets the parent read through their child's phone like a book. Of course they can view IMs, text messages, calls, and internet history. But they can also view their child's GPS location. And the coolest bit? They can remotely lock their phone or wipe away data. It not only makes the parent in charge of their kid's safety, it also gives them more insight to their digital lives.


XNSPY has realized the one core of the problem of digital issues with minorsâ€"the absence of parental guidance. And it's about time digital upbringing becomes integrated with regular upbringing. It's a forward thought, but that's probably what gives XNSPY its staying power.

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