Xiaomi's Newest Teaser Hints That The Mi5 Won't Launch Tomorrow; Redmi Note 2 Price And Size Leaks


Xiaomi will hold their event tomorrow and finally stop all the leaks, rumors and teasers that have been coming our way for the past… well, a few weeks now, but the last week has been insane. We've seen a ton of Xiaomi content out there. Anyhow, the company will almost certainly launch the Redmi Note 2 tomorrow, their teasers couldn't have been any clearer regarding that, including the one we'll cover today. But Xiaomi's teasers also revealed that the company might launch two devices at that event, and the second one was a mystery, although everyone assumed it will be the Mi4S / Mi5. Anyhow, let's see what's new.

This Chinese smartphone manufacturer has released yet another teaser, which you can see above this article. The teaser reads "NOT5", which once again confirms the Redmi Note 2 launch, but the "5" part is interesting here. This might be Xiaomi's way of hinting that they'll launch the Mi5 as well, at least that's what I believe it is. That's the first thing that came to me, but another meaning is possible here. This can be interpreted as the "NOT 5", as in Mi5 won't get launched tomorrow. Your guess is as good as mine, but we'll find out in less than 24 hours, so stay tuned.


This is not the only piece of Xiaomi news today though, not by a long shot. The alleged image of the Redmi Note 2 popped up online along with its pricing, you can check out that image below the article. The phone itself doesn't look all that special, but we didn't expect it to, the Redmi Note was a solid, industrial looking handset, and this might even be legit. The device looks alright, but what's interesting here is the price. This leak says that the phone will cost 3,499 Yuan ($565), which is just insane, and hard to believe.

Kevin Wang, iSuppli Corp.'s Chinese Studies Director, posted something interesting on his Weibo page. He said that the Redmi Note is also called "Midada" internally, and that it is bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, which is just baffling. This definitely means that the screen of this thing will be bigger than 5.5-inches, I'd guess it will be somewhere between 5.7 and 6-inches if this information is accurate.

As I already mentioned, Xiaomi's will hold their press event tomorrow at 2PM (local time, GMT+8). We'll find out all the details at the event, but until then, let us know what you think about all this.


Redmi Note 2 price leak

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