Xiaomi Will Announce New Hardware On January 15 And You Can Watch The Event Live

Xiaomi company 33

This year barely started and Xiaomi is all over the place. This China-based smartphone manufacturer did great last year, they managed to realize their plan and sell at least 60 million handsets. Xiaomi has even bigger plans for this year though, they intend to move 100 million smartphones by the end of this year and expand their business to other areas of the world. This will be a tough task, but if someone can do it, it’s Xiaomi, their growth rate is just staggering. Anyhow, Xiaomi already announced their extremely cheap mid-range Redmi 2 handset on January 4th, but the company is not done for January, not even close.

Xiaomi has already announced that they’ll unveil a new handset on January 15, not only that, but their CEO said that the company will release a new flagship this month. This means that we’ll see the Mi5 launched in January, but the company managed to confuse us recently. They teased an extremely thin handset recently and according to some leaked material, that handset might be sub-5mm thick, sport a 2,000mAh battery and be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615, which basically means we’re not talking about a flagship here. The question remains, what will Xiaomi launch on January 15? Will it be their next flagship (the Mi4S / Mi5) or will they announce the ultra-thin handset they teased. There’s always a chance that the company will release two handsets on January 15, everything is possible I guess. Anyhow, the event will take place in the National Convention Center in Beijing and if you’re interested to see what will Xiaomi release live, you can watch the event here at 2PM (local time) on January 15.

That being said, what do you think Xiaomi will unveil on January 15? Will we see the ultra-thin Oppo R5-like handset launched, will Xiaomi unveil the Mi4S / Mi5, or perhaps both? Keep in mind that the Redmi Note 2 is also a possibility here, but I doubt the company will launch that handset this month though. This will be an interesting event indeed, it will be interesting to see what Xiaomi has to offer, the recently announced Redmi 2 handset is a solid offering, so I expect Xiaomi to stay on the right path and offer something truly compelling.