XDA Announce They Will Be Hosting The Official Forums For YU And Their New Yureka Device

January 12, 2015 - Written By John Anon

YU, is certainly a brand to watch out for in 2015. Those who follow the news avidly will know that YU is a sub-brand of their bigger parent company, Micromax. As such YU is primarily manufacturing for India, with currently no obvious signs of migration to other countries in the near future. That said, whether in India or not, they are a company to keep an eye on as they are planning interesting things for the future. The company has already announced their first device dubbed Yureka, although they are far more likely to be remembered as the company who managed to get OnePlus temporarily booted out of India in a recent court battle. Again, those who follow the news, will remember the battle was based around the use of CyanogenOS.

However, the employing of Cyanogen seems to be only one of the similarities between YU and OnePlus. They are both looking to offer competitively priced devices and also seem to be keen on end-user involvement and development. Today, XDA announced that they will be hosting the official device forum for YU and their first device ‘Yureka’. Now, you may think, sure, XDA hosts many device forums, and they do, but it seems this will be the main and official forum. In contrast to OnePlus who hosts their own forum on the OnePlus site, the YU forum will be officially residing on the XDA site. In addition, the announcement went on to note that when Yureka goes on sale, YU will provide the kernel sources and build tree on the day of launch. Not to mention that YU will also be providing tutorials including how to build kernels for their devices. So it does seem YU plan on hitting the ground with the development market, running.

In terms of when this will all begin, well, the Yureka will officially go on sale January 13th (tomorrow). The device is launching in India and will be exclusively sold through Amazon.in and will be priced at RS 8,999 which equates to roughly $145. In terms of XDA the official support forum has already gone live although you won’t find too much information on it just yet. If you are interested in knowing more than you can click here to read the full XDA blog announcement. So, are you looking forward to YU and their open nature approach? Let us know.