Wunderlist For Android Wear Updated To Include ‘Make A Note’ From Your Smartwatch Feature

January 31, 2015 - Written By John Anon

With the introduction of Android Wear last year, many more mundane tasks and chores have become much easier. With a Wear running smartwatch you no longer need to always have your phone with you to be up-to-date with what is going on. You no longer need to check your phone every few minutes or every time it beeps. Now, you can simply look down at your watch and swipe unimportant messages away or respond to those more important ones. This ease-of-use is something which will continue in 2015 and we are already starting to see improvements coming through in more and more Wear compatible apps. Wunderlist, is one of those. The note-taking app has been compatible with Wear for some time. However, it has been a bit of basic offering up until now. That said, the app recently received an updated version for Wear, which looks to offer a much more Wear-like experience.

For those unfamiliar with Wunderlist, in basic terms, it is an app which allows you to make notes, to-do lists and the likes. Previously, the Wear version of the app only allowed for users to check notifications and very limited interactions. The newest update has seen a significant change in this respect and now essentially makes your smartwatch far more interactional with Wunderlist. Thanks to the now inclusion of the “OK Google” feature, when you are out and about, you can simply command “Ok Google, Make a note” to your smartwatch and subsequently you can note any tasks you need to do. These will be synced with your Wunderlist account and of course, you will be able to receive the notification back again later.

Another feature (although technically an extension of the OK Google command), is that you can now use your smartwatch as a shortcut route to opening one of your lists on your smartphone. Not forgetting, that you can now upload all your pressing lists directly to your smartwatch. Making a shopping list? Scroll down the side panel on your smartphone Wunderlist app, until you see the feature to add to your Android Wear device. Then when you are at the store, bring up your list on your smartwatch and swipe away the products, once they are in your basket. If you have not yet tried Wunderlist and fancy giving it a go then the app is available to download now from the Play Store.

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