Worldwide Android News 16/01/15 – Xiaomi Note and Note Pro, Kakao Taxi and More!



Google Flight Search Finally Available in India



While the absence of Flight Search from Google in India has no doubt fueled local alternatives to become better, and more readily available, it's still nice to see Google's option land in the country at long last. After quite a wait, Google's Flight Search is now available in India both on the desktop and on the move. For an introduction on what Flight Search does and how it could help you plan your next trip, take a look at the Google Blog for more info.

Daum Kakao Invites Taxi Drivers in South Korea to Join Upcoming Uber Competitor




Many of our Korean readers (perhaps all of them?) will no doubt have heard of Kakao Talk, the messaging app that, like LINE, is immensely popular in Asia and of course particularly South Korea. Now the company is looking to offer a Taxi service to take on the fledgling Uber that doesn't seem to be doing great in the region. Daum Kakao, the app's owner, has asked Taxi drivers to apply for a new service that's said to be rolling out before the end of March. We'll have more info as the service comes together over the next few months.

Xiaomi Announce the Note and the Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro hands-on (Sina Technology)_1

Earlier this week, Xiaomi had quite a lot to announce where the Xiaomi Note and Note Pro are concerned. Many of you will have already read up on all the news, but for those that haven't just yet, I'll link to our coverage below to help you get all the info you need quickly.


Tesco UK Announces Shopping App for Google Glass

Screenshot 2015-01-16 at 09.54.48


While there's been a buzz surrounding the future of Google Glass these past couple of days thanks to the closing of the explorer program, that doesn't mean Glass is dead, so please stop saying so. Tesco has released an app that's still in progress for Glass that allows users to shop from their Glass. All you do is ask Glass to "start shopping" and then Glass will scan your barcode, from there the Tesco app will search for the item in their database for you to add it to your basket. It's an interesting idea, and while the concept video below does look a little clunky, it's apparently gotten a bit quicker. Glass Explorers (sorry, Glass Owners, now?) can go ahead and read more from Tesco.


[vimeo 98418862]

Orange Nura 5.5-inch Phablet is a TCL-Made Budget Exclusive


Orange is known for getting other companies to produce handsets for them, and their latest, the Nura is no different. At 5.5-inches with a 720p display and a Snapdragon 400 CPU with 1GB of RAM, this doesn't seem like a bad device for €200 or so. It's not made by ZTE as other handsets from Orange have been in the past, and is instead built by TCL, so this would have more in common with Alcatel OneTouch devices. For a large device, this isn't too bad a price, especially when we consider there's also an option to get the device on contract for just €1.