Want A Snapdragon Powered Samsung Galaxy S6? Be Prepared To Play The Waiting Game

Samsung Logo 2

There’s been a lot of talk around the upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone from Samsung. The phone is expected to see a launch around March 2nd, but a word on that is yet to come from the makers of the device themselves. Besides a ‘regular’ version, the Galaxy S6 is also expected to have a Galaxy S6 Edge variant, which as the name suggests, will have a curved screen. However, unlike the Note Edge that was released last year, the Galaxy S6 Edge could have rounded edges on either side of the screen.

Coming back to the ‘regular’ version of the Galaxy S6, the phone is due to launch with a couple processor variants — an Exynos SoC and the Snapdragon 810. If the innumerable recent reports are anything to go by, Qualcomm will be developing a special Snapdragon 810 chipset especially for Samsung. This so because the initial chipset developed by the company suffers from overheating, which will also apparently prevent Samsung from offering the Galaxy S6 in its Snapdragon avatar after launch. This means that buyers that don’t have the heart to wait will have to make do with an Exynos-powered Galaxy S6. In the recent years, Samsung has cut down on using its own SoCs for its phones, and has been relying on Qualcomm for the cores of its powerhouses.

However, be it Samsung’s first preference or not, the company will have to go with Exynos SoCs for the initial couple of batches of the Galaxy S6 in order to keep up with (the expected) market demand. The Galaxy S6 is expected to be made available to the public for purchase in either April or May. One can safely assume that it’ll only be the Exynos version that hits the market as early as that, since it is most certainly going to take time for the Qualcomm Snapdragon version of the phone to come out. The source however claims that the Exynos SoC is “incredibly fast” on Galaxy S6… which should be a positive sign for those who aren’t willing to wait for the Snapdragon version to come out to get their hands on the next Samsung flagship.