Vodafone Seem To Be Listing The Samsung Edge Phone As The 'Samsung Galaxy S Edge'

Since CES came and went, one of the real hot topics in the tech world has been the Samsung Galaxy S6. The latest flagship device from Samsung is always a hot topic and would naturally be making the headlines anyway. But this year, the hype seems to be a little heavier. There is a couple of reasons for this. The first is that Samsung are under more pressure than ever before, to offer up a seriously good device with the Galaxy S6. Its predecessor was greatly criticised and as such this latest incarnation has many eyes more closely watching this time.

Another reason though is that we now know that there will be two variants of this Galaxy S device. Similar to what we saw with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6, will come in the standard version along with an 'Edged' version. That said, as we learned last week, this won't be simply a single Edge version like the Note Edge, but instead will come with two Edges. One down either side of the device. Since the news of the dual edge device was confirmed, speculation has been rife as to what the device would be called. Would it be the 'Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge', or maybe the 'Samsung Galaxy S6 Dual Edge'? Well, it looks like we might have just seen the first confirmation of what it is likely to be called.

A placeholder page for the Samsung Galaxy S6 has gone live on Verizon's Website (source link below). Although, it looks like they are getting ready early, this is a placeholder page and as such does not provide that much to report on. However, some canny developers have delved into the source code of the page and noted that the code includes a pre-order form for what is listed as the 'Samsung Galaxy S Edge'. This name seems to make sense (in spite of the dropping of the '6' referencing), as this is exactly what happened with the Note Edge and the dropping of the '4'. Of course, as this is a placeholder page, this information might not be completely accurate or final and Verizon could end up changing the code if the name when released as different. Although, it does seem to make sense that it will just be a 'Samsung Galaxy S Edge'. What do you think? Is this the name? Should it be the name? Let us know.

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